Ok I am on my way home from uk – currently on my way down the m11 in my dads Audi A4 – it’s on board computer is amazing. On the photo you can only just see a part of the headbup display on the mirror- has the time, the average speed and directions. It also speaks to you (dad has named it Natalie) tells you when it detects radar and what type. Tells you changing speed limits and tells you when your driving over the limit. It’s awesome.

Flight is cool but seats are cramped and I am tired. It will be quite nice to get home and lay down.

I’ve spent this trip playing bejeweled on the iPhone and watching the it crowd and firefly. I have learned some things for the next trip. I will not take a suitcase next wine, I will be careful about which taxi companies I use, and I won’t eat at the airport. Those things should keep costs down. Next trip I am taking is supposed to be Egypt – or maybe somewhere with my boss – we have been saying for a while now we should go for sone conferences in the us.

Back to work tomorrow! An 8.30 meeting to discuss workload and then I think a really ling day. I want to get a couple of extra days holiday.

Thanks to everyone I saw when I was back in the UK – I will miss u all.

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