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Ok have been watching  Byggfällan  and am now watching Lxyfällen… The first is like builders from hell, and the second is some guy going and helping people with their finances – people that really screw up. I forget the name of the program in the uk but my friend was actually on it! I dont talk about greg much, for a short while he was a great friend but we lost touch after he abused the friendship a bit. He tried sleeping with my wife and stole some things. he was a workmate and in honesty i misjudged him. Bygfällen was interesting because i dont often see swedish people confronting people. (the pic is of the presenter).

Another interesting thing was they were confronting this guy – they had one guy with a proper professional cam – and at least two other camera people carrying smaller portable cams (Sony 1080i if i am not mistaken) when they cut from the proper cam to the other you could see the difference in the quality of the pics quite clearly. The smaller cams lacked colour definition and were washed out. to be honest i think that they may have forgotton to set their white balance, because im sure ive seen better images from that cam.

Lyxfallen is amazing too. seeing how much trouble people get themselves into, i wonder where the entertainment lies in that from a psychological perspective. Do people like  to see the misfortune of others ? does it make them feel better about their own situation to see someone doing worse? I dont know One thing i do know is if i was ever in that bad a situation i would not be telling everyone my situation on TV.

32kkr income and 55kkr outgoing expenses… how the hell does anyone let things get that bad.  I wonder how much they get paid for being on the program.

By the way i don’t think the girl in the picture is pretty – its the only image i could find related to the tv program – well i didnt look hard.

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