Captain Blood

I saw a documentary the other night on Thomas Blood. Its funny really because i didnt really read up on him before quite deliberately.

One of my favorite books is Captain Blood by Raphael Sabbatini. Blood is an amagamation of several other charactors – including Thomas Blood.

I love the book Captain Blood because its a story of a guy that is a retired soldier who decides to retire and become a doctor. He ends up healing some rebels, and gets imprissoned for it, and ends up being sent to jamaica as a slave. there he finds the love of his life Arabella bishop, escapes and becomes a pirate. Its not a life he choses, it is thrust upon him. Throughout all this however he manages to be a moral charactor and at heart a good person

…so watching the documentary about the real Blood – a thief who just tried stealing the crown jewels was a bit of a let down – he was a con man and Thomas Blood was  nothing like the Peter Blood of the book.

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