Spend My Life Time Loving You

This is from the end credits of Mask Of Zorro – Its a really beautiful song, and worth a meniton. Tina Arena has quite an underappreciated voice.

I cant show this one on my page because of copyright but see it on youtube HERE.


Tron Legacy

Having seen the original tron in 1982 i wasnt really too sure what i was going to make of the sequel – sequels so often fail to deliver. It was clear from the advertisments the graphics were going to be ok, but i didnt know how much i was going to be biased by nostalgia or the fact that i was brought up with Tron. To summarise the original was about a guy named flynn that gets zapped into a computer system, in the original film tron was like an anti virus program fighting alongside flynn – a user.  

It was all pretty inspiring stuff in the 80s, with cutting edge graphics, and looking round the cinema today i severely think the entire audience was made up of computer professionals.

In truth though i liked the movie nostaliga aside, the storyline, whilst maybe was enhanced by a little backnowledge stood in its own right; the story of a son reconnecting with his father. It wasnt a complex plot! Ive attached the trailers for both the orignal film and the remake here. I really enjoyed it. Even the music which i like was atmospheric and definately electronic, may have seemed a bit repetative at times.

The Original Tron:

The New Tron


I dont know what makes a true friend, but i have my suspicions. Ive met a lot of people over the years and socialised in a lot of places and though some people come and go, others have remained constant. Ive only got a dozen or so real friends, and i value them greatly. It has to be said though i suck at staying in touch. Stuart, one of my best friends i talk to only 2 or 3 times a year and thats on a good year god knows whats going on in Basties life!

Maybe for 2011 i will try to stay in touch a bit more. Technology certainly should be making it easier, i have video conferencing with my parents now! Real friends though its possible to not see or talk to for years at a time and you can just pick up with them as quickly as you left off. All of my friends are really good. I dont share common interests with all of them but in some cases just common traits.  To be honest i dont often miss them, im normally too focused on whatever i am doing, but sometimes when i slow down i give them a thought.

Its funny the extent that some people impact on your life; i remember very few people i went to college with, yet today i spoke to somoene i havent seen in 18 years, and it felt like we had spoken only yesterday. Its so easy to talk to some people, and its funny  the people you find yourself attached to. Some people redefine you, some people you love in ways that are so intense its hard to describe; and thats not always a romantic thing; not everything is about sex, some people just touch the soul. 

Some people you lose touch with and always wonder where they are and what they are doing. Sometimes, just sometimes, you are lucky enough to reconnect.

Photoshop Express

A useful app for making quick changes to pics – I use it for cropping stringing or rotating most of the time, but it can do other things, and has effects. It’s free so well worth the money :)

So why all the blogs on iphone apps?

Its quite simple really, my mom got a new iTouch for xmas. Shes got facetime set up which is cool, and will keep my phone costs down to my parents. I thiought i would post a couple of tech blogs just to let her know the kinds of apps i have. Im not really into doingthe whole full blown app review thing, although i do sometimes like to see what other people use. So my tech>iPhone section is slowly filling.

Theres no real news to report- yesterday coming home from sundsvall took a lot longer than it normally would, which was a nightmare. As a concequence today has been mostly about lazing at home.  Im probably going to pop into work later this week, as i had a couple of suspicious looking emails over the xmas period.

Ive started to realise im getting a little behind on watching films recently. Ive no idea where all my time goes. That said since discovering multiplayer mode on fruit ninja … well, put it this way ive played a few iphone games.

Now is about the time of year i start thinking about new years resolutions, and maybe picking up my xmas pressie in the january sales…. :)


A virtual goldfish tank. Just remember to feed your fish each day and you will be rewarded with fish points, which enable you to get better ornaments for your tank. That’s all it does but it’s really pretty and runs well on a retina display.


Measures does currency conversion, and all sorts of other conversions, including distance, weight, speed and time. It’s simple to use, and reliable. It’s occasionally handy when your Internet shopping.

Google earth

Google earth is an awesome app. Exactly the same as on the pc but controllable with your finger. You really need a wifi connection to use it though, but it’s a fun diversion on the iPhone :)

Awesome note (aNote)

Ok Awesome note is exactly what is says on the tin, an awesome note program. Its a lot more flexible than the note taker  you get by default. It has categories, customiseable themes, different views, sorting, searching, and tasks – tasks can be dated, and are like normal notes, and to be honest it took me a little while to get used to that. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so ive included a few pictures here. I dont use awsome note for checklists, i have a better program for task management, although sometimes i may use it for simple shopping lists. I totally recommend this app.

The main screen - customise your folders with colours and icons

A custom note - you can insert inages from your library.

A standard view which i use for misc household things.

Adding due dates to a checklist item is simple.

this is one of the checklist views on my shopping list

Notes can be themed!

Instant mayhem

IM+ one of the more popular messangers on the appstore.

Ok I have to admit this is the second time I am writing this and cannot be bothered to recreate my original blog. I was talking about instant massengers for the iPhone. I use beejive because it connects my messenger contacts to contact book and has easier navigation than all the other messengers. A couple of strange things started to happen this Xmas though:

1. Some msn contacts Started to not display properly – where the names should be there is just a “1”

2. Blocking doesn’t work properly; I could message blocked people but they couldnt message me. In some cases I don’t know how people became blocked

3. some contacts that I had deleted and blocked mysteriously reappeared.

Beejive - all these contacts just reappeared.

To be fair I don’t know if any of this is the fault of Beejive; MSN Messanger for the Mac could well be responsible as it exhibits some interesting traits!


Originally I used IM+ which has it’s own set of evils. It uses push technology which means it uploads and runs your IM accounts on it’s own servers. This means you can in fact appear online when you are not, which happens to me as I often don’t log out but just quit the app. It also means I get messages when the app isn’t running which annoys me. I was having so much trouble with getting spammed by pop ups yesterday I had to delete IM+ from my phone; ironically deleting the app didn’t take me offline so anyone sending me messages last night, sorry I didn’t get them; they would have dissapeared down a black hole.

Right now I don’t have a clue what to do about messengers. I’m going to have to take a few days to figure it out.

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