Its been a long day, and although i havent actually left my home ive been quite busy. I think the temperature hit -17 today, although im not sure. Tomorrow i will be going into the office. I think my nr 2 was driven nuts. Apparently i missed a bit of a party there too. never mind. I actually miss a lot of parties around xmas normally – its the story of my life lol.

Ive also started tagging up more music – i have way too much music that needs to be organised.i downloaded the xmas edition of angry birds today

Top 4 scariest dreams i ever had

1) my scariest dream ever was my dad having his head bitten off by a giant starfish and his head floating away in a clear plastic bag – it was in space.

2) my second most scary dream was being chased my a giant red telephone in my grandmothers house and having to climb down the stairs; they were the stairs with gaps in… which were falling to bits

3) then theres the hand that grabs you between from between the cushions on the sofa and pulls you into the gap never to be seen again.

4) and daleks are a constant nightmare.

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