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Hesham Ezzat - Managing director looking a bit camp.

Back in 2000 i was working for a little known company called – well i say little known but it was very well known by the tv and magazine industries, and it had all sorts of things – included news from Broadcast Now, an active community, a forum, Advice on how to get along in the industry and all sorts of other things.

The company was a joint Venture between Channel 5, EMAP, and Net Decisions.

I had the great pleasure to work for this company, it was awesome, in that industry back then, there was a fair amount of both lunchtime and evening drinking, and my social life had never been better. I remember it all with great affection; to be fair on top of all the socialising we worked fairly hard too. it really was a case of work hard play hard.

Rob Chambers - Working hard in sales.

Some of the staff included:

Hesh Ezzat – The MD, who is undoubtably the best MD i have ever had – and the only one i have chosen to work with twice. He kept his calm and i never argued with him.

Phil Battley – who was fun, creative, and i kind of saw him as Hesh’s number 2.

Rob Chambers – Heading sales, a consumate professional, who had some great ideas.

Nicholas Yeargood – He worked in sales, and was a definate lad. He had quite a firey temperament, and i was by his side during more than one arguement.

Me back then!

Lucy Bloor – Working in marketing, was really wild at parties. I remember she pissed off a landlord once for pouring her own beer.

Steven Webb – Who worked in sales – never really got to know him that well though.

Luke Satchell – Working as a news reporter, he had quite a dry sense of humour.

Jess Carter – Who worked in customer relations and has always been an awesome balance of fun, intellegence and warmth.

Tina Kuma – who headed up marketing, and was definately a personality.



Steve and Nick


Greth Roed – Who was norweigen, and a fairly shy and talented web designer.

Peter Battley – Who i took on as a trainee who really did have a way with people, i was really saddened by his death.

…. I learned a great deal from these people and its fair to say i love all of them. They were soo easy to get along with.

Some of my favorite moments included:

  • Stealing the MD’s champagne at xmas and playing chicken on the playstation, which was incredibly amusing for me and Phil at the time (Sorry Hesh)
  • Many, many good drinking sessions at The Bear… i remember one evening nick and i got offered 50 quid and free beer by the landlord of the bear if we stripped (Thanks Tanya!) She definately had a thing for nick
  • The emap Xmas party – we were on our way out elsewhere so we just popped into that one, had a competition – who could drink the most champange in 30 mins. I remember leaving a few business cards…
  • My interview there- i walked in and there was a fork blue tacked to the wall, to act as an ariel for the stereo… i remember looking at Jess and thinking, shes hot, i wouldnt mind working here… and then having an awesome interview with Phil Battley

My desk! Note the really cool server hardware IBM330s..

I think its fair to say that thats the only job i have had that i ever truelly missed. produxion popped into my head today, and unfortunately i couldnt find any pictures from the website, but i have some from the office. The whole team did an exceptional job to make this site as successful as it was. Produxion ceased to exist in 2001, as the joint venture collapsed.

…and Hesh, if you are reading this… i still have that picture of you with the flower in your hair, you really should have brought me that Nokia communicator i wanted.

Phil Battley

Jess Carter - Ok this wasn't taken at work.

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