Visiting the UK

Flying Over England.. My last trip

Im going back to the UK for a long weekend – from 10th-14th Feb. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again as it feels like forever since I’ve been there. In actuality its only been a few months.It will be a weekend away from my diet, so i am looking forward to beer and fish and chips… My friend Sandra has her 40th birthday party when I am there, so i will pop by there and send my condolences. Unfortunately the weekend after i was asked to be in the UK as well, but wont be able to make it; a good friend of mine from college is getting married in Hants.

This trip more than anything else is about family time though, spending time with my mom and dad, and thats where most of my time will be spent, even though Sandras birthday conflicts with their traditional indian curry night! (every friday). Theres just not enough time, especially as later this year im planning to have a proper holiday, i could really use a couple of weeks doing nothing away from work.

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