The royal wedding

So the royal wedding is over… I will be honest ive never really been one to get sucked into this kind of hype but I caught a bit of it on tv and yes she looked great, it was all very pretty etc… Kind of reminded me of one of those romantic movie kind of things. I’m sorry but I can’t get other enthusiastic about such things.

The media coverage leading up and covering the event was mental – they even interviewed the guy that did the plumbing at the hotel the bride was staying at… Ok ok I can’t remember her name. A professional lip reader reported that william said she looked beautiful as she came in… I mean blimey that’s kind of extreme. I wish them luck – that’s about as patriotic as I will get today.

They didn’t wear a seat belt and as nick pointed out – they didn’t have licence plates on their car – maybe they are avoiding the congestion charge.

I’m getting old – I remember the coverage of Charles and Diana dominating the tv schedule, another royal marries a well off commoner. There are a lot of similarities between the two weddings. Lets just hope things work out better for them.


Whoosh goes life.

Life is shooting by at an incredible rate at the moment, tons of stuff has been happening. My fondle slab turned up today (iPad2 to people that dont read the register) and its great – so much so i had to prize myself away from it to write this. Other top things include:

  • Family coming over and visiting at easter – was really cool to see them
  • BBQ on monday over at Matts – as usual we stayed very late in the evening and had a great time with both Matts family and Glens
  • Business trips to finland – last week and next week  theres going to be a lot of work there for me to dig into
  • Meeting Nick Lines – Ive worked with this guy since december 4th 2009 and only got round to meeting him. Virtual conferencing is great and all but its no replacement for a great evening beer in hand. He accuses me of geekdom but he is in fact a closet geek with all the symptoms of real infection there – knowing hitch hikers guide to the galaxy was the first clue.
  • Meeting my bosses boss. Hob knobbing with the bigwigs.
  • Pay review (normal process) – never getting paid enough and trying to find new creative ways of expressing that.
  • Discovering if you google Tieto Stockholm – my blog site is ranked at number 3!

If anyone can think of a good nickname for nick lines let me know…. Back to the fondle slab for now :)




Angry birds peace treaty

Tinkering at the airport

Ok it took a lot less time than i thought it would getting to the airport this morning. Its 5:40 and i have already had a coffee. I suppose i could drag out my laptop and do some work but i really can’t be assed! Instead i think i am going to read a bit – i have been reading a lot of David Eddings of late. This is my first blog from a windows phone 7 and compared to the iPhone app the functionality is a not sparse.

Windows Phone 7

The HTC Trophy

As an advocate of Microsoft technology i have to say that professionally the windows phone 7 is a great idea, and they have done many things to really distinguish it from its precessors – but the real question is, is it enough?

Yesterday i got my hands on a handset for the first time and im going to be playing with it fairly extensively over the next month or two and really putting it through its paces. The handset i have is the HTC trophy, which is a mid range phone, though in the case of WP7 i am told that performance doesnt vary much between the different handsets out there becuase microsoft has such strict requirements for hardware – and it shows – it is responsive, with fluid scrolling.

First problem i had was living in sweden – one of the fist things you have to do when you get the phone is register a live id – and mine is bound to sweden – this means that i cannot use the marketplace, so even free updates to my phone couldn’t be installed. It took about 5 minutes to get around that problem – by adding my old UK live id, and then adding my existing one as a secondary account – of course it means every time i send a mail i have to chose which account to send from which is only a minor annoyance. I dont have Zune, or access to any of those services, and i am a touch dissapointed at the lack of information out there – the message the marketplace isnt available in your region is unfriendly – and online there are messages going all the way back to 2010 from people asking when the marketplace will appear in different places. Microsoft has been very quiet about this which i think is a bad move. If i had brought the phone as a normal “geek free” person i would be really annoyed right now.

Looking through the networking options i couldnt find any options for connecting to cisco vpn which is a bit dissapointing – that limits the usefulness of the phone within my current organisation without resorting to some fairly dubious network routing. Im only just starting to look at the sharepoint hub, which so far looks good – although i dont know if its enough at the moment to justify the handset as a business expense – i can get the same functionality at apple (with native VPN support).

The graphical design is sometimes a messy but all in all i think its a fairly likeable phone. Theres not a huge range of apps on the marketplace yet but that will come with time. The handset i have is solid, and i do like the tiles and general navigation – it feels a little like a beta phone at the moment, so im not really sure if i would recommend it just yet. Ive not yet plugged it into exchange, or really pushed it yet though, these are just first impressions. on the plus side its really forcing me to tidy up my contacts in windows life and facebook – the integration there seems good so far.

Owen Richardson in the 21st Century

We have so many technical aids to do so many things for us these days – I mean I’m blogging on my iPhone – 20 years back there was no Internet, only usenet and dial up services. Mobile phones were rare and no gps – I come from a time where we nearly crashed my friends car arguing over map directions, and the way said map should be folded. From my iPhone I can connect to my machine in my office. – technically I never need go there. The music library is more extensive on y phone than the local DJs was, and I even have a app for mixing.

Is this all really good though? Since the calculator became mainstream some people have been concerned with kids not being able to perform mental arithmetic. I wonder how well we would fare going back 30 years as we are now without GPS or a microwave. Playing text based games that actually enabled your imagination.

You are sat on the train, surrounded by the bleary eyed morning crowd, the air is devoid of life as people mindlessly travel to work. The door little circular exit light is illuminated.

Exits are north, south.

What now?


Another week bites the dust

My baby has come home...

Its been quite a week for me – it didnt go quite how i expected it too, but it was good at least. Work is starting to sort itself out a little, and there is a bit more structure thats always a good thing. Im kind of pulled between two roles at the moment, working in both the Swedish portion of the organisation and on the global level – both sides have been demanding.

To top all that i caught a virus on my work PC last week whilst trying to install an ebook reader for tech manuals. whilst its not a huge deal, it was time consuming – doing a full virus scan takes a couple of hours, i had to do it twice initially, and then a third time later when it re-occured. I have really important presentations to give next week, i have to be prepared for them all and to top everything i am  not really getting much sleep. The fact things seem to be happening though fills me with optimism and some of the recent developments have made me feel like there is direction. I love having lots of things to do. Its really cool to have glen back in the office, and thats changed things for the better as well – i find glen a lot easier to work with than his predecessor, although now i am moving out of the Apoteket industry, and Matt is very competently taking over i do start to feel on the outside of things – which i am :)

I have taken a couple of hours personal time as well – I’m reading a diamond throne by david eddings – which ive probably read 2-3 times before, but really like. A little bit of escapeism is in order. Now i have my iMac24 back i also have a lot of organisation to do there- have been patching it, installing the latest version of office etc, and getting my photo library back on track.

Pay negotiations will be beginning in the next week so that will be interesting. Im not holding my hopes very high, although i am being recognized is some really senior circles at work now. I hate office politics – i like to be direct, the truth is though, everyone wants you to be honest with them – until you actually are!


Fukushima is fuk'd – anyone for radioactive sushi?

Many people have used this image on the net this week!

So at fukushima they are pumping radioactive water into the sea and they have enforced new laws to govern radiation in fish. 50km away they are finding fish with twice the new legal limit and radiation is 10000 times higher than normal. Somehow I think thats going to have a huge hit on the fishing industry as the west struggles to adapt to glow in the dark sushi. Little fish have metabolisms that apparently are fairly unaffected by all this, though the bigger fish that eat the little ones are really going to see high concentrations of radiation.

I cant help but wonder what this is going to do to the price of tuna.

The great images mystery

A whole load of images have gone missing from my blog site and I don’t know why – but I have my suspicions! It seems as if the image importer I have may actually be removing old images because I first noticed this after running it – all my images before December are missing. I don’t think it will be too much of a problem because I think I kept a backup but it is highly annoying! And I would have to do an import.

I think I need to double check my backup mechanisms too – this wouldn’t be such a problem if I was running my own daily backups.

Well work will be busy today, we have a team meeting and I will continue configuring up an internal team 2010 box. I went to bed relatively early and am actually looking forward to the day ahead!

Email Scamming

It amazes me the things i get in my email – i recieved a mail this morning supposedly from battle net – world of warcraft. Ive stopped playing it – and it was obvious to me from the way they used the language that it was not an official language. one thing i always do when i get a mail like that is hover the mouse cursor over the url and look at what it says at the bottom of my internet explorer – the url thats shown in the mail is always different to the url you see becuase they are trying to hide the fact that they are not actually from – but from some other similar domain like  It annoys me that people often fall for this – going to the site that looks similar to the official one and logging in with their details – only to find that all their stuff is gone next time they go to game. sometimes those scams can be convincing – if i ever got one that looked real i would go to the site without going through the link on the mail.

Its amazing some of the other mails i get too – how many times has someone had a million dollars that they needed my help with for a percentage of the money. and its amazing that some people must fall for it or they wouldnt still do it.

Then you have all the 914 scams from nigeria. Its said that 90% of the worlds email spam originates there. I would be tempted to talk to the nigerian government and tell them to do something about it – or just disconnect the whole damn country from the net. Of course practically speaking thats not such an easy thing to do – they would probably find some ingenious way of proxing or something.

I do wish people would research some of those scams. people don’t realise that all that forwarding of email is actually fairly destructive in itself – i can craft code in an email quite easily to store the ip address and other related data without you ever having to run attachment – sending one mail could result in me getting a whole list of active machines on the net. So before forwarding me a warning about microsoft classifying a virus as “the worse virus ever” (microsoft dont classify viruses), an official mail sent from a hotmail or a yahoo account (microsoft dont send official mails from hotmail addresses) or before you send me a mail about little orphan annie whos trapped down a well – please, for the love of god, google the message and spend 5 mins determining if its a hoax.

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