Game music

Am I the only person who listens to computer game music? Some games like EQ 2 have really awesome music in places and even go as far as making that an mp3 format that can be easily ripped off. I wrote a program in C++ once to intercept the sound stream and dump it to a wav file on disk giving perfect digital copies all the time. It was still a bit laborious though – to trim it and convert it to mp3 but there are apps out there to do that cheap now.


Come over to the dark side.

I think the picture says everything

Rewiring my living room.

I have a new cable digital box – so finally I can record in HD which is cool. Unfortunately it means I have to reprogram my remote (a harmony 1) I mounted the tv on the wall, removed my DVD recorder, but kept my surround sound system – it’s connected optically to the tv now, which is connected via HDMI to the 3D blue ray and to the digital box. What does all this mean? Really sharp pictures in 46 inches and a stereo system that can blow a woman’s clothes off (which is why I never invite any over)

I will replace out my sound system af some point – I saw a set of tiny speakers for 12000kr yesterday that were awesome. I had already brought too much stuff so I didn’t look too closely…

First song of the day hard rock hallelujah – anything or anyone that makes a statement they have to be hard invariably are not – its a bunch of Finns in rubber suits. If u feel like you have to hide behind a mask you need help. I skipped the song. It flipped over to the theme tune of gone in 60 seconds.

Saw beowulf or at least a bit of it on tv the other day – looked fairly ok and although the cgi was pretty good the characters looked dead in their eyes – that said I did love what they did to Angelina Jolie, will have to catch the whole movie when i get some spare time..if I get….

Work will be busy this week. I’m project managing in Finland, I’m working on offerings, and I’m sure that now my bosses boss is back from holiday he will want a chat.

Order & Chaos online

Not good… They have brought MMORPG to the iPad! Thankfully the one I am playing, order and chaos online doesn’t work on 3G – you must have a wireless connection. Otherwise I think the 3 hours a day I am spending on traveling would no longer be focused on reading my work email or organizing my day. I’ve played for only a total of about 10 hours but so far it’s awesome.

It’s a shame Matt is going on holiday or we could have some groups going…

A picture says a thousand words

Asking for trouble

An accident waiting to happen

This is asking for trouble. I mean, first the fridge nearest to me is filled with beer, and then they put a sign on it that says dont touch…

Meet the man who robbed a bank for $1

Meet the man who robbed a bank for $1

I just had to post this because it made me smile a lot!

God Damn – The Shoot.

I wasnt in the office yesterday. I draw your attention to the post :

…Well apparently yesterday they had topless models. The whole of the 5th floor of our building saw it – but nobody got a picture! Sometimes i think those support guys are beyond help.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.

Saw some film last night with Cathrine Heigl in – Life as we know it. I had to look that one up. When I first watched it I thought it was ok, but later on thi king about it I realized my feminine side needed a smack in the gob. Sure there were emotional bits but Josh Duhemal and Catherine didnt have chemistry and were total bollocks as parents. If I had written the film I would have had the parents come back from the dead and had Cathrine and Josh tried and found guilty of bad parenting which would have come with a mandatory sentence of an eternity in hell. As a twist the woman from CPS (who cried!) would turn out to be the devil. I should have guessed from the vacant look on the poster that the film would be crap.

I think I’ve been spending too much time watching girly movies – I need to watch a mindless all American blockbuster type film to clense the palette… I wonder where that Armageddon DVD is….

Gosh I am tired. First song of the day was “These dreams” by Heart – damn auto shuffle – I didn’t pick it. I think I am going to need a lot of coffee today. I brought inception on blue ray over the weekend mostly because I like the soundtrack!

Trains are screwed yet again – there are works between T-central and radhuset so I have to take a third train to get to work. Thats going to get boring fast!

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Parkinson’s and other drugs.

Saw a film last night “Love & Other drugs” it was fairly good – not just because Ann Hathaway spent half of it naked – it was like a raw romantic comedy about two completely screwed up people – one a drugs rep and the other had Parkinson’s, both had intimacy issues, and attached no feeling to the whole sex thing.

I had a bit of a retrospective moment and remembered some of the time I lived in Hants in the UK. I used to drink in a little pub in Sherfield on Loddon and there was a guy there who had Parkinson’s.

When you see how debilitating it can be it’s easy to forget that though he was a guy who had little physical control, and his mind had completely gone just a few years prior he had been very successful – working as the head of a sales team in a multinational.

The pub I used to drink at had many colorful people, I used to virtually live there.

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