Resuscitate me… Again!

Ok, I thought this deserved a second blog, because its stuck on my mind and i have no idea why. It is now by far the video i have watched most on youtube – and its definately the thing i search for most on my own homepage. So what is it that makes me coming back…. i can tell you what its not….

  • Its not that i think she looks pretty – though conventionally speaking i suppose she is, shes just not the sort of girl i would give a second look to if i saw her in a bar – although i accept she does actually look great in some other videos.
  • Its not her fashion sense. Fashion just isnt that important to me
  • I am not generally a fan of her music – its good, and i recognise quality when i see it, just not really my taste.

Or maybe i am wrong? When i read back just to proof read the above i wonder if i am being fair. I do love the song, i do think the video is awesome, and i guess i can relate to the lyrics, and little things like the body language. Im contracticting myself – becasue this is a contradiction – if you follow the things i like, the styles i connect to – then logically this song wouldnt even make it to my play list. But i do love this song – i do connect to it, and i guess it does make the girl in the video fairly attractive in this one case. Do i want to meet her? No!

If you start to break down the different tracks in this music it really does have a beat, and i would think its great to dance to. Most music i like does have a varied/interesting baseline.

Through music its possible to invoke a wide range of emotion which i guess is what happens there – i think the visuals are awesome too. The song makes me smile. its so emotionally charged, its a song of longing  When i am at work i am always longing to be elsewhere – so i guess i can relate to that.

Maybe i am a romantic at heart…. maybe i just want to feel wanted as much as she likes the stiff in the bed. Nahh.

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