The Day The Earth Stood Still

Back when i was a kid, i remember flicking through the tv channels and coming across an old black and white movie on BBC2. That movie was (you guessed it) “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. I was transfixed and watched it from start to end – probably the first black and white film i ever saw. Any sci-fi buff would know this movie – its one of the classics, Produced in 1951 starring Micheal Rennie and Patricia Neal. The movie is about a guy that comes to earth and is concerned about the fate of humanity. He tries to talk to the world, ends up getting shot, and the world narrowly escapes doom as his robot “Gort” has standing orders to blow up the planet if the humans don’t play ball. Its not a special effects movie (special effects just didn’t really exist in 1951)

The film was remade starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connoly, but the new movie whilst it was good in its own right, just wasn’t nearly as good as the original. I rewatched it recently (i was scanning it into my apple TV)- If you like sci-fi and haven’t seen this film i recommend you go out and see it now!


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  1. Eden

     /  October 22, 2011

    You know you say that special effects didnt really exist in 1951 i have to wonder what your thoughts then are on the 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis i ask you to consider the false maria scene and if you think that that was special effects. I personally think that to this day at least comparitively speaking they havent been bettered

    • To be honest when i said didnt really have special effects back in 1951, i really meant that special effects just were not mainstream or predominant – the day the earth stood still did in fact have some special effects as did Metropolis – which is another classic. most people seem to consider the first movie special effect to have been perfomed in 1895 – Afred clark was doing a beheadding in a movie about mary queen of scots – all he did was stop the camera before the axe went down and replaced the actress with a dummy. and then continued filming. Its amazing what you can find on wikipedia!


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