Missing busses


I just missed two busses! I came out the front of the building just as one was pulling away and the driver just didn’t look or ignored me. So as the bus moved I saw n the other side of the road was another bus so I went across the road, was half way across and about to pass in front of the bus when that driver decided to pull out. I literally had to step back to avoid getting run over he just wasn’t looking in my direction either – and he should have been as he was pulling into the traffic. I had to stand in the middle of the road with traffic passing on both sides. I wasn’t best pleased! The people on the bus must have been amused. Nobody said anything to either driver!


My 5 levels of professional politeness.

Ok these are just examples but I think I basically have 5 levels of politeness in the workplace! Well all the levels are polite but level 1 is warm and fuzzy and level 5 is a bit scary – heres a totally fictional example of each level:

  1. Perhaps you might like to consider security as it may bite you later if you don’t.
  2.  Its pretty risky for you not to consider security are you sure you want to do that?
  3.  You realise if you don’t consider security there may be serious cost and legal liabilities that you will be held personally accountable for.
  4.  Not considering security is crazy and to not step back and do so is not only a sign of a complete lack of competency but you will be hanging yourself. please be aware I am obligated to escallate this though both your management and my own and I want you to send me written confirmation of your intention to disregard my advice and accept legal responsability for doing so.
  5.  Listen, your being a complete idiot, sort this out or your probably going to be looking for a new job, if you can find one after the court case.

Star Wars Subway.

 I think this is funny – its interesting to see how people react. – kudos to Tony for bringing it to my attention. They also did some other things that were quite cool.



Hidden Facebook messages

I read an interesting blog – here – and will summarize it quickly. it seems as though Facebook doesn’t display all invites and everything that is sent to you but tries to be intelligent about stuff that it shows in your news feed. This means, all manner of stuff that Facebook doesn’t think is interesting but may still be is hidden from you.

To quote the blog, you can view these messages as follows:

To find your hidden messages folder, sign in to your Facebook account and go to your main news feed page. On the left hand side of the page, click ‘Messages’, and then click ‘Other’ that appears underneath this link. Be prepared to be very annoyed.


So i was going through my mails earlier today (i admit I’m very behind on reading and replying to email as i have a lot happening at the moment) and i came across an email from wordpress talking about some new rules that were or are being proposed in the US which are supposed to seriously damage rights to free speech on the internet. When it comes to free speech I’ve known a lot of people that think fighting for free speech is a good idea without really thinking about the ramifications of it. In my eyes there are pros and cons – the right of the individual to express themselves is really quite important lest the world becomes an oppressive society – images of china and russia pop into my mind – of people being dragged off in the dead of night because they express an opinion that is felt to go against society. Thats all very bad and i could never be an advocate of such restrictions to an individuals right. Great ideas, come can come from a single persons mind and a single persons idea can change the world.

But then you have the other side – if your allowing freedom of speech and expression bad things can happen. Sometimes people collectively can be inherently stupid. There are people out there that think its right to have sex with 5 year olds. Are you really going to advocate freedom of speech and allow them to get organized together, better prepared, coordinated? What about racism? If a person has a right to express themselves you can end up with all manner of ugliness surfacing, Racism is an interesting one because of course its not just an issue of morality – Every major city in the world is a mixture of different people from different places, when you promote racism or ethnic cleansing your not just doing something thats vile your also promoting civil unrest. Literally the streets can become unsafe.

Granted these are extreme examples but the message is clear – there has to be balance. I don’t know the details of whats going on in the US with regards to freedom of speech – But anyone who is given the power to censor or take things away from the net should be governed and controlled and have a responsibility to be able to justify themselves. I also think that a lot of people out there with radical ideas or even just different ideas should think carefully about how they express themselves – I’ve said it before but terrorism as an example its a fairly stupid idea because you don’t promote your cause – you do get the worlds attention – but look at the famous September 11th – One name came out of that Osama Bin Laden – but does anyone know why he organized the attacks? what his message was? how did the attacks help him achieve his goal?

People I lost touch with.

I got to thinking last night about people i regret loosing touch with – primarily because I just re-established contact with a friend from Switzerland. I don’t really get to see any of my friends as often as i would like – whenever i get a spare moment i always end up seeing the same people. I recently managed to re-establish contact with friends like Mandy Caves, and we are still failing to keep in touch –  Its rare for me to lose complete touch with people, and there are valid reasons for me losing touch with some of those on the list – things that have been said or done, which in some cases mean i will never see them again. But these are some of the people i think of and miss. The list is random – i wrote it down then shifted some names  around. I’m really happy Danica is no longer on this list!

  • Glen Anderson
  • Nick Sammons
  • Heidi Sammons
  • Adi Willis
  • Imigen Perezt
  • Sam Kempin
  • Sarah Delacy
  • Helen Bannister
  • Clair Gee
  • Christine agassiz
  • Tim Johnson
  • Susan Dickenson
  • Sarah Turner
  • Lisa Matthews
  • Jayne Brinklow
  • Emma Brown
  • Wendy Harden
  • David Barnard
  • Leah Graham
  • Jeff Harden
  • Sarah Chisholm
  • Marco Merlin


Sassette Smurfling - for those who don't know !

I just realized when i posted the last blog how there are little bits of sexism that have pervaded our culture throughout the ages, for example – Col. Dearing in Buck Rogers, when you stop and think about it is a fairly sexist name. Buck is a very strong male name and Dearing is like “dear”. Its silly but it is all over the place

Look at some of the bond girls

  • Honey Ryder
  • Pussy Galore
  • Mary Goodnight
  • Wai Lin
  • Octopussy

… and its not just Ian Fleming. The media is littered with these subtle digs at women. I found it quite amusing that if you google sexist names – google doesn’t even return a single result relating to sexism preferring instead to provide results for sexiest, the only two results there that actually were “sexist” were from people who couldn’t spell “sexiest”. I think its pretty amazing how far women’s rights have come in the last decade or so. I saw a video interview with Jannette Fielding who played an assistant in doctor who – she actually quit her acting career because of the way her character was portrayed and i can’t blame her. Doctor who just like the rest of the world has grown up a bit with stronger characters like Rose  but there is still a way to go.

Even the Smurfs only had 3 female Smurfs on the good side – (Smurfette, Sassette, Nanny). Its funny how the media reflects culture and how you can see a lot of how attitudes have changed by watching older programs.Look at married with children – and shows like 2 and a half men – they are really entertaining but look how they portray women – its fairly shocking. I can’t help but wonder how much the media is reflecting society – or whether its the other way round.


Spotify surfing

Buck Rogers - and Col. Dearing! They were cool when i was a lad!!

I have a spotify premium subscription that i probably don’t use nearly enough. Every now and then i will go spottily surfing though. i will pick a piece of music i like and then look though the album it was on or the artist and just jump from place to place. Today i ended up running through movie themes, and TV themes – hearing the theme to buck rogers was awesome.  Its a bit cheesy but i grew up with this stuff.

I also sometimes let it completely go and just choose a category and let it play in the background. I just heard the sorcerers apprentice- Some of that classical music can really only be appreciated with a little bit of volume!

Downgrading Lync 2010 to Microsoft Office Communicator

I had to deinstall Lync today, and reinstall Microsoft Office Communicator. it didnt really go smooth – after the deinstall Outlook stopped working – it would hang on the splash screen. The solution – was to start outlook in safe mode (from a command prompt type:

outlook /safe

Then looking in the addins i found it still had the Lync Conversation history plugin installed. I removed that and problem solved.

What do i do with my pictures?

Its a silly thing, but mobile me is closing soon which will take away the mobile me galleries – which means all my family pics and things like that will cease to exist. The trouble is there are too many options out there…. i have

  • 500px – which really is only for really professional pics
  • Flickr – which i use for some pics but not family ones
  • Facebook – Which has privacy issues…

There just doesnt seem to be a perfect solution out there – please someone correct me if i am wrong. What i want to do is have multiple roles – i know FB and Flickr allow some basic control of who can see more, but i want more – to be able to create groups of users and access rights.

its the same with everything, for information management there are way too many options out there. i was quite happy the other day to discover you can set photoshop as the default photo editor for apperture. this is a bit deal to me, as i have many photos and didnt like the idea of using adobe bridge.

look at social networking – Google+, MySpace, Facebook its hard to know how to choose.

So i am genuinely interested – what does everyone use out there for managing pictures and why?

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