Project Managing Kids

Random Net Pic - This is somebodies scrum board in the workplace. Click it to see it bigger.

Theres a project management methodology out there called Scrum which it occurs to me is ideal for all manner of tasks including project managing kids. Why kids? well i was thinking that in traditional scrum you are either a chicken or a pig – core roles are often referred to as pigs and ancillary roles as chickens So anyway at work in different places we use scrum, but a simplified version can be applied at home.  At home you don’t need a retrospective, burn down, or a sprint planning meetings for home use. The way you apply it is as so:

All those tasks you have to do –  you put on post-it notes.  you take a non permanent marker to your fridge – you divide it into sections –

  • To Do
  • Doing
  • Done
  • Stuck

By default you have all the post its in the To do section. Each day you have the scrum meeting. You can be the scrum master, i know you want to. The scrum master goes round each of the people doing tasks and asks 3 questions:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • What stops you from completing your task today?

Each person answers – and they get to move the post its around – so if they don’t have a task – they chose one from the “To Do” section of your fridge – write their name on it – and move it to to Doing section. And the previous days doing tasks Get either left alone, moved to Done, or Stuck. If you really want to challenge your kids then you also put a graph on the fridge – their name along the bottom and the number of tasks completed this month. Make a game of it – or keep track of it for when it comes to pocket money distribution or pay review.

In scrum meetings should last no more than 15 minutes a day (the average attention span of a corporate employee) and it should be held at the same time each day.

Scrum is often used for managing development projects, because its simple and quick to use. In the full blown version you have meetings to define the tasks with all the different stakeholders, and meetings to learn from our mistakes.

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  1. M

     /  January 6, 2012

    det lockar att göra en sådan åt dig med färdigskrivna postit-lappar att välja på…


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