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Blind faith.

I watched a documentary the other day – Louis Theroux – Talking to the most hated family in america, a hard line christian group who picket funerals of soldiers because they believe that america is evil, and that everyone are sinners – and I cannot help but think that some peoples behavoir is just stupid.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and views on things but blind intolerance really gets to me – this family was talking about how they follow religion and the words of god and how everyone who does not is going to hell, and even if thats true (and i am not saying it is) there are ways of just being a decent human. if you think someone is doing something wrong does that give you the right to bully them? going back to the earlier thought, those poor people who have lost a family member to war –  are going through a hard enough time as it is, coping with loss, without having a radical christian group camped out on their lawns.

Who is really evil? the soldier who fights for something he believes in, or the radical christian who shows complete disregard for anothers pain in trying to get a message across – the kind of tactics these people were using has another name in politics – dictatorship – everything has to be their way! They dont have logical arguements, they dont have a valid viewpoint.

As a reasonble human being i am unliekly to listen to the words of someone trying to bully me, or even if i do i am unlikely to take their meaning properly – when you are bullied your focus isnt on the message of the bully so much as self preservation. I hate bullies, and i am far more likely to listen to the people who can articulate their thoughts and put them across in a way i can understand.

I have no right to bend someone else to my will – and neither do they – what makes their way right and my way wrong? the word of god? I would question the validity of that – why would anyone worship a god that promotes pain and intollerance? what gives any group of people the right to be superior to any other?

Blind faith is a scary thing. When you stop asking why you are doing things and start to use a god or anyone else as an excuse you are heading down a really slippery path indeed. I have every respect for religion and people who have faith – faith can be a strong good thing, but blind faith – thats a path to the dark side.

Happy midsummer

It’s a Swedish holiday and a day off… I’ve spent it out in the sun. For more information see the video below:



Mini Ann

This is “Mini Ann”. It’s actually designed for practicing EAR (expired air resuscitation) and heart compressions. I think that it looks like some kind of freaky sex toy. Gives me chills just to look it – which was just so bizarre I thought I had to share it!


I was lost without you

This kind of music makes me wish I played the piano!


I got asked the other day what aftershave I was wearing and I never remember this stuff, so this morning I took out the aftershave I have and photographed it. I still don’t know what it is but someone out there can recognize the bottle! It’s a question I’ve been asked a number of times over the years but always forget to look up.



Shoe shopping


I am not unreasonable, I only buy shoes once very year or so, so when I do buy them I expect them to be pretty good – today I spend most of the day hopping from shopping centre to shopping centre looking. I don’t have many criteria for buying them – they are as follows:

  • Reasonable quality so they won’t fall to pieces
  • Neutral colour so you can wear them with dark or light clothes, or even shorts
  • Not too many girly patterns
  • Must not stand out to much – but must look good if someone does focus on them
  • Water proof
  • Must not set off metal detectors
  • Must be fairly soft, but must be able to kick in them
  • Shouldn’t have laces (they break all the time)

Is it too much to ask? In the end I had to compromise – looking at all the shoe styles and fashions I couldn’t help but wonder what the average guy in Stockholm is really like. Good grief.


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