New Microsoft logo


That is the new Microsoft logo – the new font (Segoe) is been used in many places by MS at the moment its supposed to be modern and dynamic. Microsoft is attempting to freshen its image and its doing it across the board. Metro UI as a term is banned now, but there doesnt seem to be a consistant replacement name for this look and feel “Windows 8”?  i dont know.

The same look and feel that put me off of Windows Phone 7 seems to be making an apperance in many places – SharePoint 2013, Office 2013…. i cant understand how anyone can find this pretty. I like the idea of using simple colour schemes in general but they seem to have taken this too far – to me things look bland.

Its dissapointing the way things have gone, and its a shame – the technology is great it just looks horrible. I am not the only person to think so. Perception is important, it doesnt matter how good it is, if it doesnt look pretty people wont like it…. which is a shame because some of microsofts products are really cool.



So the last couple of months the trains on the blue line in Stockholm have terminated in Radhuset – which is a stop before the central line. Effectively it adds an extra 30 mins to my travel time, and congests the stations making traveling to work a wholly unpleasant experience! This frustrates me, as it will go on until 22nd Oct. I probably wouldn’t mind so much if they hadn’t done exactly the same thing last year.

So what do we get in compensation for this loss in service? Of course nothng! I am no politician but it seems to me I pay too much tax in Sweden, and the rail people have me over barrel. They should be forced by the government to pay a subsidy for my rail fare, and I should maybe have those changes reflected back t me in say a reduction of my tax! I know for and visible Impact to happen those fines would have to be huge but why shouldn’t they be? Maybe the same idea should be applied to other services!

This is a random idea as I sit here on the train… And I am lucky to have a seat!

The Pink Panther

A little bit of retro – enjoy!

Executive iPad Cases

I’ve been looking at new iPad cases because mine is looking a little battered. After an hour or two of looking (yes i really did spend that long wandering around the shops) i came up with the perfect smart case, only to find it was for the iPad 3 only. I don’t know if I want to upgrade to the new iPad. I call it an iPad 3, but of course Apple are now calling it the “New iPad”. That is going to get confusing when the next one comes along. I kind of liked the fact that apple were numbering their products before – you knew clearly what you were getting – and it greatly simplified the whole buying process – now its just the iPad you are looking at treating these things just like cars – you have to know which year it was produced in and i cant help but think it will confuse things. The case I liked – the smart case – was labelled “for the iPad” which didn’t help me to know if it would be usable with an iPad 2. Apple are loosing their edge, though i think for now they still have one, im hoping the next iPhone and iPad don’t screw things up.

A special note goes to the makes of the executive iPad case i saw – which incorporated …. a pen and notepad! I can’t help but think they are missing the point here –  putting in a pen and paper with an iPad – if you cant use your iPad for quickly taking notes then you probably shouldn’t have one. What is the world coming to!

Random Chatting

I had a few minutes to kill the other day, and nobody was online so i thought i would try a random chat with Omegle – what occured was quite funny. Omegle is completely random and anonymous – you dont know if you are going to talk to a guy or a girl or anything – and to be honest i didnt care – but it was funny! Ive not really chatted to random people online for ages – ASL used to be the standard first question – Age Sex Location – its basically just to give a very brief overview of a person – i mean it doesnt tell you much – it seems though times have changed!

Stranger: hi

You: hi there

Stranger: …..

You: i suppose i should be doing the ASL thing

You: its been ages since i tried chat

Stranger: NO

Stranger: DONT HIT ON ME

You: lol. does that imply i am hitting on u?

You: it never used to

Stranger: YES

You: i dont even know what sex you are so that would be silly


Stranger: IM A TRANNY

You: thats kind of funny – that ASL is seen that way


You: i mean its just a group of questions


Stranger: THE END

You: good for you

…i dont think i will be trying Omegle again! I then thought i would try yahoo chat rooms – because i havent been near them recently either – so i entered a computer chat room, and this is what i saw:

Hey i’m a cute babe i love to check out my new pictures at <URL REMOVED>

bayhonan_annmarieanyone want2 chat with a hot fem?
Leftchaab.mohsen has left the chat.
Leftreda.muhammad48 has left the chat.
isabella61ax5d4xHi I am a perfect school girl i love to go to my profile at <URL REMOVED>
Leftziadbadr2015 has left the chat.

I watched the computer room for about 3 minutes – It seems the world of chat has been turned into a meat market!

Fairy Tales


I was watching the end of Criminal Minds the other day, and a quote really stuck in my mind –

G.K. Chesterton wrote “Fairy tales do not teach children monsters exist”, Every child knows that Monsters exist, “Fairy tales teach us that monsters can be defeated”.

I thought it was fairly cool and eloquent, so I would share it!!


Scamming me on Skype.

I recieved the following on Skype of all things lag night:

Hello Owen am George Boateng a Chartered Accountant by profession with over sixteen (16) years working experience in the Ghana banking sector, however i have with me an important business to share with you which will be of great benefit to both of us because it is in connection with your name and a citizen of your country called Mr. Shafi A. Owen who had a fixed deposit with my bank in 2006 valued at over $14,400.000 Million United state Dollars which the due date for this deposit contract was on the 16th of September 2009. Sadly Mr. Shafi was among the death victims in the May 12th 2008 China earthquake that left over 67,000 people dead.

My bank management is yet to know about his death and i knew about it because am his account officer who open the account for him, meanwhile Mr. Shafi did not mention any Next of Kin / Heir when the account was opened and last week my Bank Management requested that Mr. Shafi should give instructions on what to do about his funds and this is why have been looking for a means to handle the situation because if my Bank Management happens to know that Mr. Shafi is dead and do not have any heir they will take the money for their personal use and i don’t want such to happen.

That was why when i saw your name i was happy and am now seeking your co-operation to present you as Next of Kin to the account since you have the same name with him and my bank will release the account to you with my help in activating your full name in to our bank data base system as the beneficiary to Mr. Shafi so as to enable you to claim the funds and this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law, It is better that we claim the money than allowing the Bank management to take it. I am not a greedy person so I suggest we share the funds equal 50% / 50% to both parties, let me know your mind on this and do treat this information as Top Secret while i send to you the full details and documentation once i receive your urgent response by email.

Best Regards George Boateng


…how stupid do these people think we are – variations on this scam have been going on for years, and the frightening thing for me is that if they keep trying this they must have some kind of success rate even if it’s small. I am sure I have ranted about hoaxes before when people send me this stuff through the net without even trying to verify it.

Please, if anyone ever recieves one of these please discard it. If your tempted to take it seriously at least google the details of the mails with the works hoax and scam. If it sounds to good to be true it normally is – thought in the case above there are several reasons it looks stupid!

Forehead Titaes


Updating the CV

Revision 2.2 of my CV is now out there – having taken to heart the comments from Nick, a guy who i worked with, and Danica, a friend who works with HR ive done a few things:

  1. Changed the picture. I got told that the old one was horrible! I can’t imagine any picture of me really looking good so I made do – the picture I have looks half human and is reasonable.
  2. Removed a lot of information – cv is now down to 4 pages – kept only the most relevant stuff
  3. Fixed the writing style of each job – so that it is consistent.
  4. Fixed the formatting – there were some old-fashioned bullet styles there, and it just needed tidying
  5. Rewrote the introduction

This is the Photo I used in the end (right). Its been very basically 5 minute Photoshopped. I used quick select with feathering to cut me out, and then created two new layers for the background. The  first layer is a solid colour green.

the second layer I created a fill with a smoke effect – I then set the blending mode to multiply. It’s a quick way to create an interesting background.

I only tampered with the original background because it was really bad – I obviously didn’t really need to do anything else to make me look beautiful…. LOL.

I do wonder if my CV is good enough yet – I am hoping I am not falling into the trap of using too many buzzwords, or doing anything stupid. All comments are welcome.

You can see my cv here!

Aperture issues: File not found on unreferenced images.

Apple Aperture

Apple Aperture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its silly because this issue gave me stress. I switched on referenced image badges the other day because I was quite surprised when I tried to archive my library to a file vault that it told me 133 images could not be archived because it couldn’t find my masters. A bit of googling lead me to believe that this was because the somehow I had imported referenced images rather than managed ones – this was not true! I found the library that had the not found badge icons on (from Disney on Ice) and following instructions I tried to “Locate Referenced Files”. It told me there were no referenced files.

Some people probably wouldn’t be as annoyed as I would – I mean the thumb images that are generated from my raw files are of high enough quality for most people but I don’t like this. and I needed to get rid of the little icon with the warning sign.  Not every image in the project was missing – so I located the directory with the issue by going into terminal and finding it in Unix. I kept Aperture closed throughout the next steps.

I did a cd to my drive – I kind of cheat here:

cd /Volumes
cd Back*
find . -name \*_4915.CR2\*

The first Cd takes you to the place MacOS mounts your volumes – my backup volumes are in an externally mounted drive named Backup Drive – (the Back* thing is laziness). it then iterated though my photo libraries and found the real path from the master files. with aperture if you right-click on the aperture library and select Open Stack you can see its internal structure – within the Masters directory is where the files are kept, the exact path I found with the find statement above.

At this point i discovered files were missing! I had hoped it would just be a permissions issue. I have no idea how. I used to own a time machine before it blew up so i mounted the old drive from that and used pretty much  the same commands as above to locate the missing files within the old time machine archive. I restored the files from the backup by just copying them into the aperture directory and the problem was solved.

I really do not like that this happened. this was one of the few libraries that I had published to mobile me before and I cant help but wonder if it had something to do with the way mobile me was recently decommissioned, but I don’t know anything for sure. I will be keeping an eye out for more strange things!

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