Military Body Fat Calculator

Of course weight isn’t everything! I went to¬†for a body fat calculation and the results were a bit depressing – though i have plenty of room to improve. My body fat percentage is 41.3% which is horrific. Normal values are:

  • Athletes (6-13% for men, 16-20% for women)
  • Fitness (14-17% for men, 21-24% for women)
  • Acceptable (18-25% for men, 25-31% for women)
  • Obese (25%+ for men, 32%+ for women)

i will be tracking this as well….


I just couldn’t resist!

I have to admit… I have an iPhone 5 on its way! I ordered it around last week. The company I am getting it from says that they started delivery on Friday, and their website says that people who ordered the 64gb model should expect an email which I haven't recieved. I am not worried or bothered at all by this, though I am looking forward to getting it eventually. I should have known better than to trust 3 really – if they haven't delivered it by the end of next week I will probably look at canceling my subscription with them really.

I'm sticking with apple becuase I have a lot of apps and apple equipment full stop. Yes, I realise Andriod is pretty cool as well – and I still run that on my work phone. I like a wide variety of toys to play with.

Meanwhile I have given away my iPhone 4 to someone – so my regular personal phone number is going to be out of commission until I get the iPhone 5 – at evenings i tend to keep the work phone offil Not having a mobile phone for a while is going to be cool… Remember when nobody had mobile phones ?


My Fitness Pal

Myfitnesspal is a pretty cool app and its the one I am using at the moment for this diet tracking. It tracks diet, exercise and weight, there are a couple of really great things about it that I think are pretty cool:

  • Bar code scanning – this seems to work on a lot of food products in Sweden – literally I point my iPad at a bar code and up pops its nutritional info.
  • Sharing – can share profiles with friends and we get status updates on whenever we do things – which is very good for incentive.
  • Check in – at the end of the day you can finish off the day it pops up a box and tells you how well your doing – it seemed to think I will hit the 100kg mark in approx 5 weeks.
  • Multi platform – I can get this on android, iPad and iPhone ! Glen uses android and i track things on the iPad so this is really cool if we want to collaborate. There's also a web interface but its really laggy, and I am not patient enough to use it.

My first weight check was this morning and it seems I have lost 1.1 kg in a day. Of course I won't get excited by this becuase I know that I was out for beer and really being bad in terms of eating in the last week – I am trying to be consistent about checking weight to cut out as many variables as I can – ie – i check it in the morning after having used the bathroom before getting dressed. Of course I know in the beginning the initial loss will be greater but 1.1 kilos in a day makes me think I simply got it wrong yesterday.



Enough said!



So it's day 1 of the diet cans change of lifestyle – will be interesting to see how well I can keep this up. I was surprised to see I have hit a whopping 102.9 kilos – I must be really muscly, all joking apart though I am fairly angry with myself for letting this happen.

Last night was free food and beer after work – bowling with work, and I couldn't really lose – I was playing my boss and his boss – so even losing is winning – I had the perfect excuse for playing badly. I'm truth I am just useless at bowling. It was a good evening though.

So this morning I weighed in – I am fairly tired, I am not used to having breakfast but forced myself to have a plum – I've got to kick start my metabolism

I will probably need reminding to post my weight here, but will try to do it once a week, or find an online mechanism for publishing it. My first goal is to hit 80kg – by march. I may revise this later today!

Have started to drink green tea for the metabolism, and apparently black coffee isn't bad either.

As for the gym…. Well that could have been worse. I will be back there on Tuesday, I now have an exercise routine! I don't like gyms in general, but this was pretty ok – the guy there gave me a run down on all the machinery and helped build a plan. All in all – this is cool :)


iPhone5 delivery

The I in team.


Bloody Foreigners….

I kind of occasionally laugh because on a few occasions I’ve heard these words uttered by non swedish people in Sweden. The world is a smaller place these days than ever and pretty much every major city in the world is a mix of people from all corners of the globe so what makes a person a foreigner? I think the traditional use of the word is fairly redundant.

For me I think it’s when people have no respect for the culture they are in,. Having lived in brazil I learned to really appreciate some of the basic freedoms that you have in Sweden – Its safe, clean, with a reasonably fair government. Sure I think the taxes are too high and there are definitely issues in the same way as there are in any country – and I will never be swedish in the traditional way – some of the typical swedish traits are really different to my way of being.

Just like anywhere else I have been people from the same cultures tend to congregate together, and build communities within a country – some nationalities seem to do this more than others – as an Englishman the closest I have come to such things is going out for the occasional beer with English / Australian people. I have friends from different countries and cultures within Sweden and its interesting to see their attitude – For me, foreigner has nothing to do with the country you were born in any more, now that we are a global community – For me a foreigner is a person that doesn’t work with the community or country they are in – it’s a person that isolates themself.

I am an Englishman, and will always be english, and my swedish language isn’t perfect – but having lived here in Sweden for a few years now I do not consider myself a foreigner. The world being how it is, communication being easier, the internet being in many homes nationality has less importance than it once did.

  • Am I english? Yes
  • Do I live in sweden? Yes
  • Does that make me a foreigner? No.



Going underground

Swedish people are non confrontational – one of the first things I learned working in a Swedish company was what someone says and what someone does are two different things; of course there are exceptions, and I am generalizing. In my case the first time i saw this was relating to Swedish language – when I was working I specifically asked if the the language was important and I was repeatedly told no – Because I had English customers. That turned out to have been a point of resentment I later discovered -my boss at the time told me they hated the fact I wasn't speaking the language.

I am I mention this because getting on the underground in Stockholm I often see people cheating at the barriers – going through two at a time for example. The guy at the station just watches – almost as if he is afraid of a group of kids – and maybe he is – kids these days have no respect and violence is relatively common place. I pay 790kr per month for a ticket, only to get on an over crowded train – well three of them technically because of works on the line that run months on end. I don't know who is stupid – me for buying a ticket or the people who cheat the system.

Of course I can imagine SL thinking that fares are high because of the people who cheat the system, but I have no idea how true that actually is. Maybe it's just about the area I live in – there are lots of not nice people there – such as the guys that vandalized the car the other week and the people who cheat the system.

Stockholm does of course have Transport Police, but doesn't have them on every station. Since I have been here I have only been asked to see my ticket on the underground twice – if I look at it mathamatically it doesn't make sense for me to buy a ticket – if I get got fined every time I had been stopped and asked for a ticket I would still be spending significantly less that I do on trains now!

I am just so honest it's annoying !


Expert closes down

I just happened to be in a shopping centre yesterday, one day after the bankruptcy sales at Expert began. I have to admit I was kind of shocked – a huge queue had formed, there were security barriers and as I sat having a coffee watching them I couldn’t help but wonder how long they would have to wait to get in and would it really be worth it – I mean I value my time, because I don’t get much of it. The way I saw it was the cheaper items the discount wouldn’t make a difference – but the more expensive items it might – although I am not so sure how comfortable I would be buying something expensive from a shop that’s going bankrupt. On day two of the sales as well I would imagine there wasnt so much stuff left to choose from. I cant help but wonder what this all says about the economy today – Last year in Sweden On Off went under – and now Expert follows. They said it was down to the extreme competition in the consumer markets and I am sure that’s partially true – but that said I cannot help but wonder, maybe this is a sign of the times – maybe people just are not spending as much. I hope I am wrong.

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