Siri… What are you wearing ?

Ok, I admit I find myself actually using Siri – it's accurate. I've compared it's functionality to a couple of similar apps available on android and nothing comes close to the accuracy of Siri or the range of things I can do with it. There's a world of difference between British English and US English when it comes to Siri understanding me. Some of the types of things I get Siri to do most often are

  • Set an alarm for 630
  • Set a reminder for 930…eat something
  • What is 75% of 140?
  • What is 50 dollars in Swedish crowns?
  • Where is rhona mitra?
  • What's the temperature?
  • Will it rain tomorrow?
  • FaceTime Lloyd Richardson
  • Send a text message to Cecilia B – are you going in tomorrow?

.. I know they are not complex tasks but Siri makes me do them quicker and easier. I also saw there is a Siri button on the keyboard which means voice recognition for all apps. Cool! I thought Siri would be a fun gimmick that would wear off after a little use. It's not.

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