Chocolate soufflé

This is my first attempt at a chocolate soufflé and it came out pretty well I think. Very rich, light and fluffy, I could have let it stay in the oven a bit longer to raise a bit more but didnt, becuase I like the chocolate goop at the bottom. I know it's 400+ kcal but don't care! If you can't have scrummy food now and then, what's the point of living!



A positive experience at the tax office.

I just had my first ever positive experience at a tax office anywhere – I needed to organise a new Swedish ID as I lost my wallet a while back. Things couldn't have gone smoother. Firstly they have moved the ID art of the tax office away from the main tax office which is way more efficient becuase prepping or collecting an ID only takes 10 mins – other people's tax issues can typically take much longer to resolve. I got to the tax office at 9.45 am and was first in queue for a 10am opening. By 10 am there were 6 people in line. When I got in I was ticket 001. I quickly showed my passport and proof that I had paid my fee which took 2 mins. I was sent to have my photo taken, and to sign which took 5 mins – would have been quicker but the woman's daughter is living in the UK and she wanted to chat about it. By the time I left, at 10:10am there were about 25 people all sat down waiting in queue. Kind of incredible. Apparently because my passport is one of the new biometric passports, my new ID will be ready in a week.

So cool. A really good experience, but I still think I pay too much tax.

The Eva Solo

IMG_1308This is the eva solo – a thermos/coffee pot which is just spectacular for the office or the home. I dont know why i didn’t think of it before. Up until this point I’ve tended to put the coffee on and leave it on the heating pad to keep it hot – which is ok up until a point because i can drink a fair amount of coffee. It occurs to me though that owning one of these would mean:

  • I would be cool. This particular coffee pot has amazing thermal retention qualities
  • No longer burning coffee. The coffee is kept warm and stopped from losing its heat rather than having to actively heat it to keep it warm – makes a difference for the taste.
  • More efficient from an energy perspective – because i am not actively heating the coffee i am not using electricity.
  • Coffee machine is not constantly in use. Meaning it gets cleaned more often.

Its a simple thing, and i know many people out probably already decant coffee from their machine to a thermos, but for those that don’t i can recommend it.

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