Music for the soul

I was listening to the score of the animated movie how to train your dragon today on my iPhone on the way to work. As I listened very loudly to the track Forbidden Friendship by John Powell I could make out all the instruments and it was pretty awesome. It then occurred to me that working with an orchestra must be a fairly awesome job. Live music of any kind is pretty awesome, but a full blown orchestra has such energy that it touches the darkest reaches of your soul.

I've been to many rock concerts that are awesome and I've really loved them, but they are a very different experience to an orchestra – think its something to do with the pure number of people expressing themselves through music. Awesome.


Best Effort

besteffortA couple of times in the last 6 months ive come across this term in IT – “Best Effort” – Which to me is completely contrrary to what the words actually mean and it kind of drives me nuts. I saw in a presentation a while back a set of service levels defined – Category A being urgent, critical response going to category E which was “Best Effort”. I guess what they mean is “do your hardest but it doesnt really matter if you manage to solve it or not”.

For me though if someone asks me to do my best effort, i will drop everything and focus until the task is complete to the highest standards i have. Its something to be aware of!

If someone tells me these days they will do their best effort – i am sceptical.

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