Best Effort

besteffortA couple of times in the last 6 months ive come across this term in IT – “Best Effort” – Which to me is completely contrrary to what the words actually mean and it kind of drives me nuts. I saw in a presentation a while back a set of service levels defined – Category A being urgent, critical response going to category E which was “Best Effort”. I guess what they mean is “do your hardest but it doesnt really matter if you manage to solve it or not”.

For me though if someone asks me to do my best effort, i will drop everything and focus until the task is complete to the highest standards i have. Its something to be aware of!

If someone tells me these days they will do their best effort – i am sceptical.

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  1. Anna

     /  March 2, 2013

    What makes you so hard toward people?

  2. M

     /  March 2, 2013

    har man inte rätt förutsättningar så blir det väl best effort – bästa möjliga efter vad som är möjligt. tycker det länge varit ett känt begrepp i avtalsvärlden.

  3. The phrase I find most frustrating is “best endeavours” a nice cop-out when teams/suppliers don’t want to adhere to a fixed SLA for incident restoration or resolution. I find best endeavours tends to equate to “I will get around to it when I can be bothered to”. Not great when providing a service and the customer’s experience is taking a nose dive and you end up with either a prolonged outage or a severe loss of revenue when that customer walks.


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