Riots in Stockholm

There was a bit of trouble in Husby last week in Stockholm. Reports of the police shooting a guy who had threatened them with a machete lead to what are being termed as riots. Now its true some cars and buildings got burned, and that some bad stuff did happen but the media seems a little out of control. I know people who are within 5 minutes walk of Husby and they were not even aware of the trouble. The riots seem to be a group of kids protesting in isolated pockets. And the guy that got shot just seems to have been an excuse for some vandalism.

I cant blame the Swedish media for getting a bit excited – nothing ever really happens in Stockholm, so a couple of kids toasting marshmallows over a burning car must seem a great opportunity to them. I was rather surprised to see its getting some global coverage now, and that one or two places are issuing travel alerts for people travelling to Stockholm – to my mind this is crazy and blown all out of proportion.

I kind of laugh at the thought of all these kids setting fire to their own homes in protest, and ending up living in burned shells – and i have to ask where the hell are the parents, and what does this say about their upbringing?


Removing audio hum

I have a Logitech H390 Headset and was suffering from really bad audio hum. This video very quickly demonstrates both the problem and the solution. Enjoy.

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