Farewell Siri

On Monday night I had my iPhone 5 stolen, and I am really annoyed at myself for letting it happen. I was sat in a beer garden with my parents when two women came begging. One behind me and one behind my parents. They put a begging card on the table and my attention was drawn to the woman at the other side of the table. I am angry because I was so concerned that they were talking to my parents in Swedish that I didn't notice when they picked up the card and my phone. Not for 60 seconds. By the time I noticed they had left and gone. They had done this before it was well executed, and I even knew the technique – if it wasnt for the fact it was my parents there I would have picked up on this sooner,

Now I had the iPad and could have tracked it but they were clever enough to switch it off. My problems were compounded by the fact that I would not have usually put the iPhone on the table in the first place – it was there becuase I had my little sister travelling into Stockholm for the first time by herself and I was expecting a call to give her some directions. Becuase of this I couldn't track the phone; I had to go and wait for her – she took priority over it, so reluctantly I remote wiped the phone, making it untraceable.

I have to thank Anna who I managed to reach via IM for relaying a message to her over the phone – becuase Sod's law said that my mothers phone was not working at the time and I couldn't call her myself. Several thoughts came out of this whole affair:

  1. Any sympathy I previously had for people begging for money is gone. Anyone tries this again and they will be met by anger rather than sympathy which is a sad reflection on how society is going.
  2. It's pretty cool that I had the choice to track or remote wipe my phone.
  3. I am really angry with myself for falling for this.
  4. I don't know what to do with regards to replacing the phone. Do I wait for a new iPhone to be released? That normally happens around July time if the old Apple scheduled are to be believed. Or do I go for an android phone? I don't know.
  5. I miss Siri. My iPad is old and doesn't have Siri – now I have to start using the touch screen more.
  6. It's nice to not be tied to a mobile.


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