The Matrix 1.0

Matrix OwenThe matrix is an awesome film, not just from an action perspective but from the whole idea of the whole human race being plugged into a virtual environment, and i am starting to wonder if indeed we are heading in that direction now. You see signs of the Matrix Version 1 – any time you go on a train. Certainly in Sweden the platform , and the trains tend to be really quiet – everyone has a headset, and is plugged into their phones or tablets. Going back 10 years it wasn’t uncommon to actually have a conversation with a person that you met on the train. If you try to do that now, you can see people getting actively uncomfortable.

What is happening to our social skills? Even kids are given iPads/mobile devices to keep them quiet. People grow reliant on technology, we are loosing our social skills, some of the kids i have met cannot even do multiplication without a calculator, and of course you can argue why should they? with the proliferation of technology doing the mundane tasks is kind of pointless right? Well I don’t think so – because in not knowing these fundamentals we loose our ability to adapt and understand – in IT i see it all the time – people learn how to use the cool easy to use context aware tools from companies like Microsoft, and have a wealth of programming libraries at their disposal which abstract them from whats actually happening. Little thought is ever given to how a pixel ends up on the screen – theres a bit of code to do it – when i was growing up there were not so many black boxes – we understood machine code and the wheres and whys of how things happened. As a consequence when it comes to employing technical specialists there are two distinct breeds you come across – those who have experience and can code, and those who understand and can adapt easily to new situations. I find it very hard though to find the latter category of people. those who crave to learn and understand.

The information age is cool, i love the net and being able to google things, but if we ended up loosing our technology, could we continue to survive, or are we destined to forever being a slave to technology?


My top posts


MedalI was just looking at my dashboard and i noticed my top rated posts are basically ones where i help a technical community – I did a post on a photoshop issue relating to variations and that is number one biggest searched and liked post on my site. In case you haven’t guessed it, i am fairly random with my posting. I had thought about building up my presence, and making my stuff more professional – but yet again i find myself shifting focus.

My sharepoint blog i haven’t looked at in a while for a couple of reasons – Firstly if i do decided i want to become a Microsoft MVP i would have to do it using their own mechanisms and that would be via my Microsoft profile. Secondly is i have been blogging a lot internally at work of late – ive been trying to focus more on technical things there than management things, because technology is where my heart is. Right now at work i am doing many things with SP2013 and the Cloud. Ive just read a few books on the subject which is getting me really quite enthusiastic on the subject. I have to keep this stuff internal to the company though. i had thought about creating an external blog but this is ridiculously difficult. Our marketing team at work would need to be involved – despite the fact that at my level i am expected to actively promote myself outside the company.

My health and fitness blog has suffered because I’ve not had so much to say – I’ve not been so healthy and fit of late. I put on a couple of kg thanks to spending time with my parents – thankfully i am well on the track to repairing that damage though.Ive been cycling a bit recently which has been good, but my tracking of my fitness has suffered since my phone was stolen.

In retrospect trying to maintain 3 blogs that are public facing was a silly idea. i hardly have the time for a single blog. With that in mind i think i will soon consolidate blogs again. I don’t feel like anyone really reads my stuff, nobody really comments anything, so why do i bother??


Where did latitude go?

I received the mail below from google yesterday. It seems they are closing down yet another service – this time latitude. Now I liked latitude it was a simple and easy to use service for keeping track of where people are via their GPS, and it worked cross platform. I feel sorry for all those app developers that designed cool apps to use this.
I wasn't an extensive user, but very occasionally it had its uses. Now as an apple user I still have find my friends – but in truth none of my other friends use apple services – they tend to go down the Android path, which is cool.
Recently google also shut down google reader which was another great service for consolidating news feeds. It was just a really cool idea, which many people implemented in their rss readers.
It's a sobering thought – that services that are provided to us online can be easily taken away. Although its not likely to happen what would happen they shut down youtube? Big companies rise and fall much like civilizations. If WordPress shut down overnight I don't know what I would do – time to make some backups.



Getting back to normal.

Okay since the last post Ive got Siri back I ended up buying a new iPad 4. I don't have a replacement mobile phone I'll just have to do something about it later – Ive made an insurance claim but these things take time. In the meantime the only mobile phone I've got is my work one and that's running android, It's quite tricky to adjust back to using android when you're so used to an iPhone! That said I appreciate android is really cool even though my handset isn't so cool, My battery only lasts 3 hours….

Normality will resume!

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