Why make life complex?


In life it is very easy to not be focused. We spend a lot of time preoccupied with how things were in the past, or concerned with how things will be in the future – which in general i have always thought to be crazy. We can’t change the past, so its pointless to dwell on it. We can change the future but only our part in it; there are always going to be surprises popping up, and they will be challenging to adapt and improvise to.

When you pause to think about it – the only thing we should really pay attention to is right now. We can appreciate it for what it is – be thankful for the life we have and armed with our experiences – when you think of the bad in the past don’t dwell on it – think that things are much better now. and when things are at the worse, remember how good things have been.
Life really can be simple. Some people chose to make it more complex than it is. Its so important to appreciate what you have in the moment, because no matter how you plan and map out your future the reality is, your whole world can change in the second – wether it be by winning the lottery or losing a wife and child.
Personally i believe in being honest with people as far as is possible. This isn’t because i am hoping to get to heaven or anything like that but its simple. Tell the truth and you don’t ever need to back-pedal or worry about being find out, you don’t need to keep track of lies, and your stress level is lower. Many people say they wish to hear the truth and not many actually do. The truth can be quite brutal at times but I’ve always believed that in the long term telling the truth is the best thing. On some occasions i may withhold the truth but lying to me is really a last resort. Ive known many people lie to others and lie to themselves because they think its easier, and in the short term it normally is – for long term peace and happiness thats simply not good thinking.
I am who i am. If people will accuse me of things that are not true then i will tend to set them straight. I don’t let people walk over me or direct negative feelings towards me. I don’t like people that i care for walk around with the wrong idea, or just accuse me of things that aren’t true. IF people think bad things about me for no good reason i need to correct it because you never know when it can come back and bite you. I am not perfect, i would rather people be annoyed with me for things i have done than fabricate things i have not.
I don’t ever hate – again this isn’t because i want to be virtuous its more because hate is a negative feeling that eats you up and causes you stress.
I tend not to worry about things. Half the time you worry about stuff that doesn’t happen, and the other half it does happen and worry has done nothing to help. So why stress? I do consider and assess risks all the time.
I look at things and tend to point out the negatives and some think because of that i am a negative person and its not true. I do communicate positive things often. if i see something negative i just want to address it and deal with it so things can be better. Ive had my fair share of negative things in life and all negative things have a positive perspective or something you can learn from them. The positive thing may not be nearly as big as the negative but i will always chose to focus on the positive, and will mull things over until i find it.
I live by rules, my own personal rules and i don’t like to break or bend them – i am my own worse critic. the only time i apply rules to others is when they do something to necessitate it. there are very few people in my life i apply rules to and its when they did something to deserve it.
Regardless of how good or bad things get, i don’t emotionally bounce from happy to sad all the time.  i stay somewhere in the middle – i am at peace – if i seem to be hard its not anger – i just apply the amount of pressure thats i think is needed  to bring life back into a perfect balance. With some people that can be a fair amount at times, but thats because i push back with the same amount of pressure i see people push at me.
I am not cruel. i have no desire to hurt anyone. i am me.

Incidental Music

Sometimes in shows there is incidental music which doesn’t appear in the credits, that i really like – or even end credits for that matter. NCIS doppleganger episode – Season 2 Episode 12 – is one of those shows – at the end of it there is a fairly nicely done scene with Gibbs and a girl  – where he tells the story of a mafia guy who was the first ever person prosecuted with DNA evidence. The music there was beautiful, and even though i suspect it was composed by Brian Kirk, i couldn’t find it anywhere.

Although Gibbs was referring to the first prosecution in US, technically speaking what Gibbs says isn’t true. The first time DNA was used to help prosecute was a few years earlier by  one of the founding fathers of DNA profiling  Alec Jefferies, back in 1986.

It was still a good scene though.

Letters from the sky

Describing my mood today is best done in music

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