Information Junkies

The world is a rapidly changing place and people these days majorly suffer from information overload. It makes me feel old to say this, but when i grew up there was no internet – and computers were hardly portable. Theres a habit to attempt to multi task these days which is kind of silly – You can sit in front of the tv tinkering with an iPad and half see the movies that you are watching. I can’t help but wonder if that effects the way that people are producing movies these days. Action packed with not much storyline makes sense if you know that half of your audience will be on Facebook whilst they are watching, and that the average attention span just isn’t what it used to be. There are all kinds of methodologies out there to handle this – GTD – Getting things done is one such mechanism that i find interesting. People are taking innovative ways of keeping together all their tasks – and if you look at your task management apps these days there are literally hundreds of things we need to be doing at any given point. In years gone by we didn’t tweet, we didn’t have a smart phone to tell us what we need to do next and we didn’t have mobile phones… But you know what… we survived… and were happy. Book an hour of time in your calendar to relax and ask yourself this question – are you happy now?

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