I haven’t blogged much this year – well i have, just not here. I’ve taken my blogging offline to a large extent, because a lot has been going on with my life, and work that i really can’t talk about on a public forum.

I don’t want to delete this blog though, because it says a lot about who i am. The fact is, i have to be a bit careful – firstly because the internet is sometime like a mob of people that don’t listen to exactly what your saying, and can sometimes get angry about one thing you say by taking it completely out of either context or perspective.

The other thing is, this blog has been great from a certain perspective, but some people have used it to stick their nose into my private life, by not just following me, but other people and then had the cheek to give me a hard time over things they have read, and completely misunderstood. Its just stopped been fun.

2014 will be another year of extreme changes – i am in a new job this year which is pretty cool.

I will blog here from time to time – but not as much.

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