A mothers love


Do I get back to blogging?

I used to like blogging quite a bit – and it was a fantastic way to be creative when feeling oppressed by the daily grind.

Ive not done it in a long while for many reasons – Somewhere along the way some people read too much into what i write and i had to defend my position on things. I shouldn’t have bothered.

I was brought back to this blog by music – i used to add videos and tag them here, and i wanted to find a particular song.. but then i saw the happy easter message and realised its been a few years now, and a lot of things have changed, though there are some constants in my life.

I listen to the song “A mothers love” as i write this – and somehow i feel its appropriate background music – in the mood that it invokes.

I don’t get much time for things like blogging and expressing thoughts and feelings, but then the world can change in a second and its nice to have just a small digital footprint in it.

If nothing else i think theres a lot of music i could post…

I hope everyone is well out there.

Feeling Everything

I don’t know why i love this song but i do….its pretty cool. I heard it on the end credits of a movie – Valerian and the city of a thousand planets – Which was a very pretty movie with a story that wasn’t terrible.

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