Introducing virtualisation

Heres a very quick introduction to virtualisation for people that have never seen it before. I had developers in mind when i prepped it – it amazes me that some people still develop on their native OS.


The Eva Solo

IMG_1308This is the eva solo – a thermos/coffee pot which is just spectacular for the office or the home. I dont know why i didn’t think of it before. Up until this point I’ve tended to put the coffee on and leave it on the heating pad to keep it hot – which is ok up until a point because i can drink a fair amount of coffee. It occurs to me though that owning one of these would mean:

  • I would be cool. This particular coffee pot has amazing thermal retention qualities
  • No longer burning coffee. The coffee is kept warm and stopped from losing its heat rather than having to actively heat it to keep it warm – makes a difference for the taste.
  • More efficient from an energy perspective – because i am not actively heating the coffee i am not using electricity.
  • Coffee machine is not constantly in use. Meaning it gets cleaned more often.

Its a simple thing, and i know many people out probably already decant coffee from their machine to a thermos, but for those that don’t i can recommend it.

The original pitch for the muppet show

I found this online – Jim Hensons original pitch for the Muppet Show. It made me laugh! It seems like even Henson had to pitch his ideas once!



Star Wars – behind the scenes

I got these in an email a while back and thought I would share them – photos from the production of star wars. I thought they were cool so I would share them with you all

Mass Effect III

The Mass Effect games are really awesome character driven games – I played 1 and 2 to completion and in a few months time they are releasing 3…I loved the story lines and the immersive characters in the first games, not forgetting they look pretty. This is the trailer – enjoy!

The Vasa

Ive lived in Stockholm now for a few years and I cannot believe that i haven’t blogged on the Vasa. Its basically a restored ship that sank back in 1628 – apparently it sunk 12 seconds after it was launched – the Vasa was top heavy! It must have been a bit embarrassing – i would hate to be an engineer responsible for that even though nobody was ever punished for it!

I always remember my first visit to the museum – i really do love history in particular boats and naval history and to see the Vasa is awesome – i don’t have any decent photos of it i may have to go back and take some – the lighting there was tricky for my little camera.  Stockholm has many cool things – but for me Vasa is the best!

Ive always thought our sense of adventure, and drive to discover the unknown has been one of the defining factors of humanity of a species – its perhaps the romantic idealistic part of me that thinks that and its maybe not even true –  that need to venture into the unknown is far more prevalent in some than others. Those first days of sailing boats across the oceans are perfect examples of humanity at its best – sailing into the unknown – “to boldly go where no-one has gone before”.

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,500 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Octopus takes a stroll out of water.

The octopus is a pretty cool creature I saw a documentary on a few years back, and I have seen a few of them up close, I don’t like being so close to them but they are interesting, and very intelligent. In the documentary I saw the scientists built a maze in water to see how long it would take the octopus to traverse – the octopus went over the top of the maze out of the water. It’s also pretty amazing the small gaps they can get through – the only solid part of them is their beak. Anyway found this video and thought I would share it . Warning – the first video has really annoying music!

The video above isn’t the original video – the original was much better, in the original the octopus was out for at least three minutes,and walked a fair distance, but just as i posted this, they took that down. Buggers. While i was searching for that i also found a video on the mimic octopus (from indonesia) which was pretty impressive:

I have to admit that i spent about 30 minutes afterwards just looking at associated octopus videos. Its all pretty impressive ;)

Singing in the rain – The VW Advert

I think this is excellent, so i thought i would share it.

Mass and time distortion

It’s scientifically proven that mass effects time. The closer we are to a massive object the slower time will become. This phenomenon is observable on our GPS system. The satellites actually have on board clocks that are all synchronized and lose a fraction of a second each day because of the mass of the earth they are orbiting. If the satellites didn’t correct for this they could be loosing about 6km of accuracy a day. GPS is an awesome technology when you think of this; basically there are 30+ satellites out there and position can be calculated by knowing the time taken for the signal from your gps device to reach the satellite and triangulating on that.

…given the time distortion issues I think everyone should stay away from me since Xmas!

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