A mothers love


Feeling Everything

I don’t know why i love this song but i do….its pretty cool. I heard it on the end credits of a movie – Valerian and the city of a thousand planets – Which was a very pretty movie with a story that wasn’t terrible.

Fear not this night

Being an engineer in a sales meeting

This little comedy sketch is excellent. I know many engineers that would feel this pain.


Spying in the US



This made me laugh. Its my sense of humour!




Letters from the sky

Describing my mood today is best done in music


This is the theme to a tv show – Perception. I am not sure if i like the show yet but i do like the theme definitely

Theres something i like about the string instruments in this.

Despicable me

This is a photo I took for a PowerPoint presentation at work. I took a quick shot with my iPhone 5, picked up the photo from my photo stream on the iPad directly from Photoshop touch. It then took only 5 minutes of editing to get the really evil look.

I am not generally a fan of starring in my own presentations, but I was under a tight deadline to get this on complete. I will leave you to guess the subject of the presentation!

Music for the soul

I was listening to the score of the animated movie how to train your dragon today on my iPhone on the way to work. As I listened very loudly to the track Forbidden Friendship by John Powell I could make out all the instruments and it was pretty awesome. It then occurred to me that working with an orchestra must be a fairly awesome job. Live music of any kind is pretty awesome, but a full blown orchestra has such energy that it touches the darkest reaches of your soul.

I've been to many rock concerts that are awesome and I've really loved them, but they are a very different experience to an orchestra – think its something to do with the pure number of people expressing themselves through music. Awesome.

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