I saw this a while back, but i have to admit it was 2.5 hours of pure awesomeness! It was a really well done action packed film with great special effects and the humor in places was a touch on the sadistic side, which i kind of like. There are a few moments in that film that i still chuckle about a few weeks after I’ve seen it. In particular theres a moment between Thor and the Hulk… you will know what i laughed at when you see it. I can totally recommend it, and after the time was up, i just wanted to see more. Robert Downey Jr played an excellent Tony Stark and for me his natural charisma, coupled with his playful sense of humor really stole the show. Mind you, the Hulk, a character who i don’t normally get along with also was pretty brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, see it!


Two things to look out for

Firstly – “Game of Thrones –  Season 2. I really enjoyed the first season and the second season starts April 1st (honest). I am going to look forward to that – i watched the first season back to back – really good stuff. You can see a sneak preview here:

And then theres the hobbit – i actually preferred the hobbit to lord of the rings – it was a very engaging book – Thats due around xmas time – the teaser is here:

Alice In Wonderland

I had never seen the Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland until tonight – He tends to use specific actors such as Jonny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter – and ive just never really liked the style much – i mean sure Beetlejuice was ok but in general I just don’t like his style, so i went into the movie with no expectations – and was pleasantly surprised. It was a beautiful movie with a moving soundtrack. Mia Wasikowska played a really good Alice and the special effects were pretty amazing – some of the best effects ive seen anywhere – in particular i loved the way they did the Cheshire cat. Its an awesome film and i would totally recommend it. I cant get over how much Mia reminded me of Katee Sackhoff…


Last week i downloaded the BBC iPlayer for my iPad and i have to admit i love it. theres a 65kr per month subscription but i think its more than worth it when you look at the pure diversity of programs that are on it; So whats been happening is in the evenings I’ve been choosing programs, downloading them to my iPad and watching them on the way too and from work – this  is also good for those hours you end up stuck in airports.

So far I’ve been watching mostly doctor who, and Judge John Deed – but theres enough new stuff on there to keep me busy for a long time. I love the fact that with airplay i can also stream these programs directly to my TV.

Incidently for anyone that doesn’t realize it you can manage your subscriptions through iTunes – on the iPad its easy to subscribe but it took me a while to figure out how to remove a subscription after.

Update 2011-12-07: now this app is available for the iPhone ! Cool!

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Back when i was a kid, i remember flicking through the tv channels and coming across an old black and white movie on BBC2. That movie was (you guessed it) “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. I was transfixed and watched it from start to end – probably the first black and white film i ever saw. Any sci-fi buff would know this movie – its one of the classics, Produced in 1951 starring Micheal Rennie and Patricia Neal. The movie is about a guy that comes to earth and is concerned about the fate of humanity. He tries to talk to the world, ends up getting shot, and the world narrowly escapes doom as his robot “Gort” has standing orders to blow up the planet if the humans don’t play ball. Its not a special effects movie (special effects just didn’t really exist in 1951)

The film was remade starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connoly, but the new movie whilst it was good in its own right, just wasn’t nearly as good as the original. I rewatched it recently (i was scanning it into my apple TV)- If you like sci-fi and haven’t seen this film i recommend you go out and see it now!



I got to see this movie last night – and i kind of wish i had not bothered. There was lots of nakedness, and it was a bloodfest, but it wasnt really my thing. I kind of stopped watching when the whole beach full of students got attacked, boats crashed people were beheaded, scalped, cut in half, and thats without the fishbites.  The fish were not behaving how you would expect piranha to behave, although that may be because they were supposed to be psycho prehistoric fish. But still it was fairly terrible. On the plus side it had Elizibeth Shue in it, and she seems to have aged really well…

This film seemed to lack anything really imaginative but im sure there are people out there that love boobs and blood that probably love it – for me its a couple of hours of my life that i cant get back.

X-Men: the Last Stand.

I’m going and ripping all my DVDs to Hard Disk so i can watch them on apple TV at the moment. Whilst doing that I’ve occasionally caught myself watching things i haven’t seen in years – Amongst them is X-men the last stand. I had forgotten how cool it is. The bit at the end where Logan is struggling towards Jean, and she’s disintegrating the island with her mind is awesome. As the bits of logan disintegrate and disappear the special effects are just incredible – coupled with a really awesome soundtrack, i couldn’t help but crank up the volume and really experience death and destruction in my living room. I kind of wish they had produced it in 3D. Famke Janssen played Jean Grey, really well and incidentally  seems to have enormous feet whenever you see her in a photo.

Theres somethings really attractive about a woman who could destroy the world with her mind, and i do love the story of Jean Grey – theres been much debate as to if it was her power that corrupted her, or some kind of external entity. Personally i prefer the idea that it was her own power that lead her down a path to darkness; alien possessing her is a bit of a lame story line and everyone likes a bad girl!!

Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke - Game of Thrones

Ok Glen came up with two great ideas:

1. Wine and cheese doodles – they go great together – I was drinking red wine, and I’m not normally a fan of them but in this case it works. I know theres a chemistry reason for this, and i once attended a wine course where they explained all this – the course was in swedish though, which i understood but didn’t really memorize.

2. Game of Thrones. I wasn’t so sure i would like this, but i have caught an episode at glens place, and caught a few scenes of it on TV – I recorded it recently and decided to watch it start to finish. I took my time getting round to this because it had a lot of nakedness, and anything that has that much nakedness i just assumed would have a fairly weak plot line. I admit i was wrong. its not exactly the sort of thing you want to watch on the tube on the way into work though – theres enough nakedness for anyone to sitting beside you on the train to give you disapproving looks. Didn’t stop me watching it mind.

The TV series had some great actors in it – (including Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey). Season 1 was awesome and i can’t wait for season two – which probably won’t be here until next year.I brought the book and will read that while I’m in the UK. My favorite character had to be the dwarf.

Pirates Of The Carribbean – On Stranger Tides

Ok, I saw this one a while back, and only thought to mention it now. I loved the first film, but  subsequent films were a bit of a let down, so when i went to see this one i honestly didn’t have high expectations – i think that really helped. I would say its almost as good as the first film and way better than the others. It has a new cast – they kept Captain Jack, but everyone else was pretty much new. As a film in its own right it was a pretty cool action film, and was fairly fun in parts, but i don’t think it really gave us anything new above the first film – the first film was really innovative, this one just seems like a different story in the same style. I am glad i saw it, it was definitely fun, but it just wasn’t amazing.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.

Saw some film last night with Cathrine Heigl in – Life as we know it. I had to look that one up. When I first watched it I thought it was ok, but later on thi king about it I realized my feminine side needed a smack in the gob. Sure there were emotional bits but Josh Duhemal and Catherine didnt have chemistry and were total bollocks as parents. If I had written the film I would have had the parents come back from the dead and had Cathrine and Josh tried and found guilty of bad parenting which would have come with a mandatory sentence of an eternity in hell. As a twist the woman from CPS (who cried!) would turn out to be the devil. I should have guessed from the vacant look on the poster that the film would be crap.

I think I’ve been spending too much time watching girly movies – I need to watch a mindless all American blockbuster type film to clense the palette… I wonder where that Armageddon DVD is….

Gosh I am tired. First song of the day was “These dreams” by Heart – damn auto shuffle – I didn’t pick it. I think I am going to need a lot of coffee today. I brought inception on blue ray over the weekend mostly because I like the soundtrack!

Trains are screwed yet again – there are works between T-central and radhuset so I have to take a third train to get to work. Thats going to get boring fast!

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