Fear not this night





Letters from the sky

Describing my mood today is best done in music


This is the theme to a tv show – Perception. I am not sure if i like the show yet but i do like the theme definitely

Theres something i like about the string instruments in this.

Music for the soul

I was listening to the score of the animated movie how to train your dragon today on my iPhone on the way to work. As I listened very loudly to the track Forbidden Friendship by John Powell I could make out all the instruments and it was pretty awesome. It then occurred to me that working with an orchestra must be a fairly awesome job. Live music of any kind is pretty awesome, but a full blown orchestra has such energy that it touches the darkest reaches of your soul.

I've been to many rock concerts that are awesome and I've really loved them, but they are a very different experience to an orchestra – think its something to do with the pure number of people expressing themselves through music. Awesome.

Timelord Victorious

The quality of this isn't amazing but then this music was never released. It is to my mind though a very beautiful piece of music. Enjoy!



I was lost without you

This kind of music makes me wish I played the piano!

Hide away


Drink to that!

Heard this Rihanna song on TV today and liked it:

Then i found a really cool cover of it which i liked because it wasn’t a straight rip off – the person had been creative. Theres a lot of creative people out there on youtube, and i am thinking i will try to feature a cover a week on my blog :) Check it out:

Talented People.

The world is full of talented people – its sometimes easy to forget – I think I am going to try and post once a week on little known talented people I come across, because some people in life just don’t get the credit they deserve. The first is Zac Cranko – a name I never heard of until last night. I was watching a double episode of Silent Witness on TV – (Bloodlines) – it was really awesome and towards the end I was listening to the music there and thought  “thats a nice piece of music”. So I rewound the TV and ran the music through sound hound, which failed to identify it. Ten minutes of searching through IMDB took me to the cast and crew list, and the name responsible for musical arrangements was – you guessed it Zac Cranko.

So then there was a little google action and i came across he’s sound cloud entry, so i took out the iPad and started to go through his music (i have a sound cloud account and the iPad app). Some of his stuff i didn’t really like – but some of it was awesome – even the stuff that doesn’t really fit in with my own taste i have to admit was really well done. An example of his work is here. I don’t think he’s ever going to be my favorite but i have to admit i was really impressed and bow down to such talent.

This was also a reminder to me how awesome SoundCloud is – jumping from profile to profile listening to peoples music – and able to comment it – I like the fact I can comment music at a specific music position – so you can post “yeah I like this bit….” or hopefully something more creative. In many cases I like music because of just a part of it – which is more often then not under 20 seconds in length.

I also came across this  while I was hopping through SoundCloud – by bubbaproducer which I think is awesome as well.  I was a bit slow in comprehending how good SoundCloud actually is, because the first time I saw it I was just looking at sounds random people had posted rather that pieces of music – put into the context of music its really cool, and if you have time to kill is worth exploring.

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