Mass Effiect 3

I am playing Mass Effect 3, and its a pretty cool game – i am looking forward to seeing the contraversial ending – if its annoyed so many people its probably fairly good. Like the previous mass effect games its very immersive and charactor driven – and decisions you made in the previous games effect your choices in this one. I was gentry reminded that in mass effect 2 i ended up getting off with the quarian tali – which i hadnt intended – but i somehow ended upĀ  not getting off with Miranda, and im not proud, but wanted the xbox achievement. I often wonder what would have happened if things had been different between me and miranda. Interestingly enough Miranda is voiced by Yvonne Strahovski – who is on my seriously pretty girls list.

Its a seriously cool game regardless of my failings in the virtual love department. some of the decisions you make are quite tricky from a morality perspective – its not always cut and dry.

Ive given it 15 hours of my life so far – which is in odd hours when i cant do anything else. Im looking forward to completing it.
It amazes me how much work goes into the creation of these games – its truelly stunning graphics, gameplay and plotlines. I am not proud – I did this:

… But i wanted to do this:


Mass Effect III

The Mass Effect games are really awesome character driven games – I played 1 and 2 to completion and in a few months time they are releasing 3…I loved the story lines and the immersive characters in the first games, not forgetting they look pretty. This is the trailer – enjoy!

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