My new watch

My Casio WatchThis is my new watch – its a fairly basic Casio watch with fairly basic functions- it has some novelty stuff but my requirements were fairly simple. I has been looking at some watches to help with the whole health and fitness thing (i blogged about it here) and in the end decided to not bother because i get most of my functionality i need already. With that in mind my requirements were simple:

  • Something cheap – I didn’t want to spend more than 1000kr – anything more than that and i probably have gone for something too gimmicky.
  • Something that i can glance at to tell the time
  • Something with a light
  • Something that was water proof.

..and thats how i ended up with my Casio SGW-100 watch. Its not the prettiest watch in the world but it meets all my requirements. It does some other things as well – it has times in different timezones, and has a compass but those things are not important. Its a simple tool for a simple job and i am kind of pleased with myself for not buying an expensive watch.

A lot of watches out there look kind of cool and are fairly expensive but kind of don’t seem to do the job you would expect. In some cases I saw watch interfaces that were too cluttered and complex – you couldn’t just glance at them, you had to actually focus on the watch to discern what is doing on. that to me is crazy, as I want a watch to be a simple unobtrusive tool.


I just couldn’t resist!

I have to admit… I have an iPhone 5 on its way! I ordered it around last week. The company I am getting it from says that they started delivery on Friday, and their website says that people who ordered the 64gb model should expect an email which I haven't recieved. I am not worried or bothered at all by this, though I am looking forward to getting it eventually. I should have known better than to trust 3 really – if they haven't delivered it by the end of next week I will probably look at canceling my subscription with them really.

I'm sticking with apple becuase I have a lot of apps and apple equipment full stop. Yes, I realise Andriod is pretty cool as well – and I still run that on my work phone. I like a wide variety of toys to play with.

Meanwhile I have given away my iPhone 4 to someone – so my regular personal phone number is going to be out of commission until I get the iPhone 5 – at evenings i tend to keep the work phone offil Not having a mobile phone for a while is going to be cool… Remember when nobody had mobile phones ?


Simply Apple.

ImageI’ve been in a bit if a dilemma when it comes to Apple and what to do next. Ive got lots of Apple kit – Apple TV, iPhone’s, MacBook Pro, iMac 24… It all plays nicely together with iCloud, and i haven’t had many issues with that in quite a while it just works. Now one of my iPhones has a dodgy on off button and i am going to have to replace it. My contract is up with my mobile provider and they are charging me a fortune with my current plan. If i tie in with my current provider for 9 months then i can reduce my monthly costs right now, but the iPhone 5 is released in Sweden probably in December, and if i want one of those, i probably don’t want it with my existing provider because they don’t support 4G.

Of course there’s no reason i couldn’t just say screw it – and buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 – i can use a 3rd party app to sync with the cloud…..

There have been mixed reactions to the iPhone 5 – they all seem to be a bit luke warm, but despite that i think a lot of people have been holding out to buy one – all their launch day units were sold within an hour. If you look at the hardware, it is similar to the iPhone 4, but a bit taller (extra screen space) its faster, and has new networking, and not much of a design change – its thinner of course. Ive no doubt its a good quality bit of kit, yet people are disappointed… why? I mean what could they expect? The iPhone 4 is awesome and its hard to improve on it really from a design perspective, if you want to look at pure technical specification then OK, the iPhone 5 doesn’t blow us out of the water. I cant help but wonder if the critics focus is a bit wrong though – sure its nice to have faster processors etc, but you shouldnt loose focus on the fact its really about the user experience – how much faster does a phone really need to go?

The real user experience is mostly software driven, and iOS 6 is released next week – i will be looking forward to it. I think i probably will go for an iphone 5 because i have a lot of apps, i like iPhones and i never bothered to buy an iphone 4S. I know there are things that the apple devices dont have – such as widgets, but i dont really care – i can understand and appreciate why they havent allowed them.

Am I an Apple Fanboy? Probably not. Its true i like Apple products but not blindly. my personal IT setup has a lot of apple in it because apple make pretty things, but i am not and never will be apple only. I have non apple kit, which i use professionally, and i will admit apple stuff is great for simplicity right up until the point that you need to do something apple hadn’t intended. Then frankly it can be a pain in the ass. Every technology out there has pro’s and cons, so at the end of the day, just pick what you like!

Update: I was wrong with the swedish release date – its 28th September which makes things a bit easier! Thanks to M for pointing that out!

Taking the plunge with Spotify

I just upgraded to a Spotify premium account – primarily so I can have offline syncronised playlists across multiple devices. Of course, I could do this with iTunes but it’s not the same, with spotify for your monthly fee you can pretty much go exploring music – just jumping from track to track and artist by artist. I have 20000 tracks in my iTunes library but I know which I like and which I do not.

My other reason for getting this is the recent acquisition of a Logitech Squeezebox Touch, which I have plugged into an average speaker. I really do want to upgrade my sound system at home, but I don’t spend enough time there – my focus is on mobility mostly. I also have a tune in account – between tune in and spotify I have radio and music consistently wherever I am. I have to love tech !


Headphones from hell

A couple of weekends back I brought a new pair of headphones as my old pair wore out – now anything that’s tech related I have a tendency to look after really well – I don’t abuse technology. I brought these headphones for around 700kr in the Telenor store in Kista – and I wish I had kept the receipt. I wanted a firmly durable set of headphones and the guy assured me that these would fit the bill – they are a-JAYS Four.

From day 2 without any abuse already there is inconsistent sound – you can change the audio level just by moving the cable, I’m really annoyed by this becuase I don’t like paying that amount for something like this. So if anyone out there is thinking of buying a pair of these – don’t!

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