I am NOT a video blogger!


My hotel in finland

I am not really a video blogger and isn’t really the best video blog but you know what – I don’t care.

Some of the things i know to be bad about this video when i posted it

  • The first shot has part of the ipad case obstructing the bottom left – That really annoyed me i need a new case. I will get one when i am back home. I couldnt be assed to retake the video.
  • Cheesy music and audio levels. I couldnt really do much about either of those things because i edited it on the fly on the ipad.
  • Noise on the mic. Again i didnt have much in the way of equipment with me.
  • Looking boring. Again i could have shaved, i could have been a little more animated, i could have done many things, i could have even spoke louder.
  • Eliminated camera shake.

My objectives on this was to:

  1. play with imovie on the ipad and see what it could do – and to be fair, it wasnt bad at all.
  2. Show what my hotel looked like, as i often get asked how the hotels are near our office..
  3. Kill a little bit of time.
  4. try a beginning to end video production process on an ipad.

if i ever decide to do something professional i would address all of those issues, get better music etc. Im not particularly proud of the video,

A random thought on the music / fashion industry.

Heres a thought, and i know its not going to be that popular…. how about more fat, ugly, or normal looking people? I mean i know that would have a hit on the ratings, but if everyone does it, maybe people will desensitise a bit, and attitudes would change. maybe 12 year olds would start to like who they are rather than who the media says they should be.

I know people use film and music to sometimes escape from reality and that is fine, but why not make the reality people are escaping to a little more normal?? Virtually every girl i know says she is overwieght and then i went on holiday and saw the real world about 90% of the women on the beach looked like they had been cross bred with elephant seals. Well ok thats harsh, but you know what i mean.

Resuscitate me… Again!

Ok, I thought this deserved a second blog, because its stuck on my mind and i have no idea why. It is now by far the video i have watched most on youtube – and its definately the thing i search for most on my own homepage. So what is it that makes me coming back…. i can tell you what its not….

  • Its not that i think she looks pretty – though conventionally speaking i suppose she is, shes just not the sort of girl i would give a second look to if i saw her in a bar – although i accept she does actually look great in some other videos.
  • Its not her fashion sense. Fashion just isnt that important to me
  • I am not generally a fan of her music – its good, and i recognise quality when i see it, just not really my taste.

Or maybe i am wrong? When i read back just to proof read the above i wonder if i am being fair. I do love the song, i do think the video is awesome, and i guess i can relate to the lyrics, and little things like the body language. Im contracticting myself – becasue this is a contradiction – if you follow the things i like, the styles i connect to – then logically this song wouldnt even make it to my play list. But i do love this song – i do connect to it, and i guess it does make the girl in the video fairly attractive in this one case. Do i want to meet her? No!

If you start to break down the different tracks in this music it really does have a beat, and i would think its great to dance to. Most music i like does have a varied/interesting baseline.

Through music its possible to invoke a wide range of emotion which i guess is what happens there – i think the visuals are awesome too. The song makes me smile. its so emotionally charged, its a song of longing  When i am at work i am always longing to be elsewhere – so i guess i can relate to that.

Maybe i am a romantic at heart…. maybe i just want to feel wanted as much as she likes the stiff in the bed. Nahh.

I’d like to live on the moon

A sesame street classic. Many people have covered this on YouTube but not not many have done a good job.

How to escape from handcuffs

Knowing some of my friends I thought this might be handy ;)


I have had ICQ for a very very very long time, back in the day it was awesome – it existed when msn was but a dream, and it was really good. I still remember my icq number off the top of my head and have fond memories of some of the random people i met there. Felt like being a pioneer. Anyway this morning i decided its time to deactivate my icq account but i am having real problems doing that. it has sentimental value. couple that with the fact i went to their home page and they seem to have shiny new applications and gadgets and its really hard to say no. i have an internal struggle going on here, really i know i should consolidate my communications… i hate giving things up.



Can men multi task?

Busy not multitasking.

The short answer to this question is no – but then neither can women.

Maybe i should expand upon that point a little. The brain multitasks – we can walk, talk, breathe and look where we are going at the same time, and the world would be funny if we could not – but what people are normally speaking about when talking about multitasking is the active thought processes. Its a common perception that men are synchronous and women are asynchronous.  women do tend to balance many balls in their hands at once, where as men take a task and follow it through to completion (well most of the time). Its ridiculous to say men can’t multi task though.

Fighter pilots are an easy example of a situation where men definitely do multi task – in fact if you have ever seen some of the test equipment the RAF use to determine how well men multi task you would be quite surprised, i remember one of the tests there was this annoying game with shapes coming across the screen that you had to interact with – more shapes come on the screen at once. I can imagine trying to fly an airplane if you couldn’t multi task. you would never be able to dogfight.

Is it true women multitask better than men? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but it is possible. The way men and women do things is definitely different, i remember a documentary once where they did psychological tests on a woman and a man, and then spent 6 months giving the women testosterone and monitoring the changes in her. It was very interesting.

Multitasking does get a series of jobs done quicker, but i am not so sure it necessarily gets a job done better.


OS X Lion Released

This was released today, and i got a copy from the appstore for 229kr – which is cheap – i am now also allowed to use it on multiple machines, which i really like too. I am not sure just how much i like the new operating system – i guess i will see over the next few days. The downloading and install were seamless tho. Personally i am really looking forward to iOS5. Right at the moment it thinks its going to take 2hrs reindexing my machine – after which its probably going to have a LONG conversation with the time capsule.

Do you want to date my avatar?

This has been kicking around for ages but i think its really funny and well done!  The characters from it are all from a series of videos – “The Guild”. You can see their videos on http://www.watchtheguild.com/ – i would totally recommend it to anyone that plays an MMO.

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